The International Kendo Federation was Accepted as GAISF member

  GAISF GA in Seoul

The affiliation application of International Kendo Federation for GAISF (General Association of International Sports Federations) was approved at its General Assembly held in Seoul on April 7, 2006

International Kendo Federation received the recommendation from the 48 organizations and 15 organizations did not make a recommendation at the General Assembly.

Among the 8 applying organizations, 4 organizations including Kendo were accepted to become the members of GAISF.

The followings are from GAISF News.

Monte-Carlo, 10 April 2006

40th GAISF Statutory General Assembly
A great number of delegates registered for this 2006 annual meeting.
In total, 77 GAISF member International Sports Federations and Organizations were present at the 40th GAISF General Assembly, held on 7 April at the Grand InterContinental Hotel in Seoul (KOR). Major decisions were taken by the Assembly:
- The new Statutes were adopted unanimously. The General Assembly also decided to postpone the election of the Council to the 2007 General Assembly, which will take place in Beijing (dates to be confirmed) under the new article on the composition of the Council.
- The revised GAISF membership requirements were also ratified by the General Assembly, which afterwards voted according to the new statutes and membership criteria on the new applications. As a result, the following IFs and Organizations became members of GAISF :
o The Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) was accepted as an Associate Member;
o The International Kendo Federation (FIK) was accepted as Member;
o The International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) was accepted as Member;
o The World Association of Kickboxing Organizations (WAKO) was accepted as Member.

The General Assembly also granted the status of Full Member to the International Go Federation (IGF), Provisional Member since 2004.

GAISF now counts 101 member International Sports Federations and Organizations.

  Delegation of International Kendo Federation