Germ: Various Authors. The Germ, Issue #2: Thoughts Toward Nature in Poetry, Literature, and Art
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  • Header
  • Front Matter
  • Section The Child Jesus. A Record typical of the five Sorrowful Mysteries
  • Section A Pause of Thought.
  • Section The Purpose and Tendency of Early Italian Art.
  • Section Song.
  • Section Morning Sleep.
  • Section Sonnet.
  • Section Stars and Moon.
  • Section On the Mechanism of a Historical Picture. Part I. The Design.
  • Section A Testimony.
  • Section O When and Where.
  • Section Fancies at Leisure.
  • Section The Light Beyond.
  • Section The Blessed Damozel.
  • Section REVIEWS
  • Section Published Monthly, price 1s. The Germ.