Brooks, Elbridge Streeter, 1846-1902. . Historic girls; stories of girls who have influenced the history of their times,
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  • Chapter 1
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    ZENOBIA OF PALMYRA THE GIRL OF THE SYRIAN DESERT, [Afterward known as ``Zenobia Augusta, Queen of the East.''] A.D. 250.
  • Chapter 2
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    HELENA OF BRITAIN THE GIRL OF THE ESSEX FELLS. [Afterward known as ``St. Helena,'' the mother of Constantine.] A. D. 255.
  • Chapter 3 [PULCHARIA of CONSTANTINOPLEthe girl of the golden horn] [Afterward known as ``Pulcheria Augusta, Empress of the East.''] A.D. 413.
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  • Chapter 4 Clotilda of Burgandy The Girl of the French Vinyards
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    [Afterward known as ``St. Clotilda,'' the first Queen of France.] A.D. 485.
  • Chapter 5 WOO OF HWANG-HO. THE GIRL OF THE YELLOW RIVER. [Afterwards the Great Empress Woo of China.] A. D. 635.
  • Chapter 6
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    EDITH OF SCOTLAND. THE GIRL OF THE NORMAN ABBEY. [Afterward known as the ``Good Queen Maud'' of England.] A.D. 1093.
  • Chapter 7 JACQUELINE OF HOLLAND The Girl of the land of Fogs A.D. 1414.
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  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9
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    THERESA OF AVILA: THE GIRL OF THE SPANISH SIERRAS. [Afterward known as St. Theresa of Avila.] A.D. 1525.
  • Chapter 10
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    ELIZABETH OF TUDOR: THE GIRL OF THE HERTFORD MANOR. [Afterward Queen Elizabeth of England; the ``Good Queen Bess.''] A.D. 1548.
  • Chapter 11
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  • Chapter 12
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    MA-TA-OKA OF POW-HA-TAN: THE GIRL OF THE VIRGINIA FORESTS. [Generally known as ``The Princess Pocahontas.''] A.D. 1607.
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