I am and this is is my vision
I Scott Not
submit my candidacy for
President of the United States of America
I am just fed up with the way the economy is and the way our system is handling our tax dollars.
I have been all over the USA and am employed by many as a business advisor and marketing agent.

I am not going to lie like all the other politicians we have had in our past.

I have inhaled and still do.

My campaign will be based on a turnaround of the way we think.

Capitalism and greed is what is destroying our economy.

I truly believe in our American ideas and dreams but I also believe that if we don't change the way we do things now, our children and our children's' children will suffer the consequences.

My campaign would say RENT KILLS, END RENT, if you are in a contract with another entity for rental of a property or place of dwelling or living and if you are there more then one yr you will now be paying into an equity account for which you now have control over the money that is put towards the maintenance and future of your home or property.
RENT MAKES GREED. My mother in law was an immigrant and came to America over 40 years ago and got into a rental apartment in Queens New York and has been there ever since. Let's say she spent on an average not including utilities,
$96,000.00 for ten yrs at $800.00 per month
$72,000.00 for ten yrs at $600.00 per month
$96,000.00 for 20 years at $400.00 per month
So now she has spent $264,000.00 dollars in 40 years and if she can't pay her rent for a couple months she will be kicked out and in most cases made the responsibility of her children or become homeless. Everybody should be given some sort of equity on spending that much for rent. There are hundreds of thousands of Americans living like this and we are all broke living week to week and in most cases don't have more then a $1,000.00 dollars in the bank.

The current job market is in an all time low and the economy is taking a toll on us all.
The rich keep getting richer and there is no more middle class.

40 yrs ago when our public officials and states congressmen were running this country things got done. Now when you look around anywhere you will see a construction job that has been sitting for over a yr and most often several yrs.

The tolls we pay on most metropolitan city areas and roadways are in my mind being misused and not used for our fucked up roads.
It has been over 30 yrs since a new bridge has been built in any major city in America.
We have more taxes now then we did 30 yrs ago and we have less done.
We could be growing industrial Hemp in the USA and this would help not only the green house effect but it would increase our national and international economy.
Hemp can grow anywhere and has many textile and food and fiber uses. If correctly managed could become a multi-trillion dollar a yr industry.

Solar power and wind power have also contributed to our ideas for an alternative source of energy but the Hemp plant can build a car and run it all from the one plant.

What is it going to take to wake up our unconscious economy?

Why are we Americans so blind sided by these major corporations and banks?
Why does it cost anyone more then 10 a month for phone calls around the world?
We all know that their must only be a couple thousand workers at any given major phone company, so why is it that they make billions of dollars a yr?
Where does all that money go to?
Why is it that 1/3 of all the money from the lotteries was to go to our schools and yet our schools are the worst they have been in 30 yrs?

I have many many worries about why our America is the way it is, I want all of you to send me your stories and tell me what makes you mad and what you think you could do to make a change.

Security is at an all time high everywhere you look and every man woman and child is now considered an enemy of the state and theirs no more LAW, only reasonable cause. Who's to blame?


My eyes have seen more then most "People of the World, Our Mother Earth is dying and we are the cancer that is killing her, stop following your eyes and ears and start following your hearts and reject the mass oppression that stands against us with arms and weapons of mass destruction and utilize our worlds resources for a common goal of sustainable life for our children and their children's children…

Think of the Earth as being like a big automobile traveling through space.
Just 200 years ago the Earth was an unspoiled and fruitful planet of unintelligent humans. The earth was a great Classic Rolls Royce Limo. Evolution has taken it's toll on the planet and as we grow we take and destroy and as the masses continue to grow without a limit we are now a beat up old school bus with bad pistons and 3 flat tires.
The Earth will cleanse herself and unfortunately I might be around when she does.

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