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Anne McGrath elected NDP President
Sun 10 Sep 2006  |   Printer friendly

Bilingual NDP activist receives strong mandate

QUEBEC CITY - The last day of the NDP Federal Convention kicked off this morning with the election of Anne McGrath as the new President of the New Democratic Party.

"We are thrilled that Anne has been elected President. Anne is a true leader and her ideas will bring new energy and momentum to our party," NDP leader Jack Layton said.

McGrath has a long history as an activist in the labour, student and feminist movements. She has also run as an NDP candidate in Alberta.

"As President, I pledge to build on our many strengths and to continue our tradition of bringing our progressive vision to the national stage," said McGrath. "I made a pledge today to New Democrats to speak with the loudest voice I can. To speak out for our values and our ideals. I look forward to representing New Democrats from coast-to-coast-to-coast."

McGrath most recently held the position of Director of Operations for NDP the federal caucus. She is fluently bilingual and has been a frequent commentator in print, on radio and for CPAC, CTV and CBC.

Jack Layton commended her on the superb work she has done in the past, and added, "I know from experience that Anne brings a lot to the table. I'm confidant that the breadth of her experience and expertise will contribute greatly to our future success."

Over 1,800 delegates, staff and observers are meeting in Quebec this weekend for the biggest NDP Convention since 1987.

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