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At only 105ha in size Abuko Nature Reserve is not only the smallest protected area in The Gambia, but also probably the smallest on the African Continent. Yet it is packed with easy to see wildlife including western red colobus and callithrix monkeys, crocodiles, antelopes and spectacular birds and butterflies. As well as the Darwin Field Station, the reserve plays host to several photo-hides, which look out over water pools and forest, thus allowing close up views of some of the animals and birds that make Abuko Nature Reserve such a special place.


Bushbuck antelope

A meandering track leads from the field station through the cool shade of the gallery forest to the more open area of Guinea savannah woodland. Eventually this track leads to the animal orphanage where there are some permanent residents such as monkeys and hyena. The main aim of the orphanage however is to rehabilitate injured, orphaned and confiscated animals such as monkeys and parrots back into the wild.

Beyond the orphanage is the bird extension, which is very worthwhile exploring for its bird life and antelopes. The track takes you through real African bush with tall grasses and Guinea savanna woodland providing a view of what most of The Gambia used to look like only thirty years ago.

Gallery forest Guinea savannah woodland

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