TV Car bomb explosion in Damascus kills 17 people

Syrian state TV reports a car bomb explosion in Damascus has killed 17 people and wounded 14.

Al-Jazeera TV says the car bomb exploded near near a Syrian intelligence post at Sidi Kadad area on the highway to Damascus airport.

Explosions are rare in Damascus and the country is tightly controlled. But a car bomb last February killed Imad Mughniyeh, a top Lebanese Hezbollah militant who is wanted by the United States for terror attacks since the 1980s. In the summer, a senior intelligence officer and aide to President Bashar Assad was assassinated in northern Syrian.


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Idaho fair accused of evicting paralyzed woman     By Charlie Litchfield (AP)

Rose Harn peers out at the world with one working eye, her arms curled tightly against her shriveled body. A rag under her chin catches her drool.

In the two decades since Harn was left brain-damaged and paralyzed by a 16-year-old driver, her husband has taken her to numerous Mothers Against Drunk Driving events in Idaho as an object lesson in the consequences of drinking and driving.

But that was before MADD removed Harn as a volunteer at its booth at a state fair last month amid complaints that the sight of her was too disturbing.   Read More...

AP Poll 8 in 10 fear hit from financial crisis     By Nick Ut (AP)

Not just Wall Street is running scared.

The consequences of the financial meltdown now are sinking in with ordinary Americans, who worry whether their jobs, home values, children's futures and retirement plans are at risk, according to a poll out Wednesday.

Eight in 10 fear the crisis will affect them directly, according to an AP-GfK poll. Yet 45 percent of all adults still opposed the proposed government bailout.

Some 38 percent were in favor of the $700 billion financial-market rescue plan and 16 percent were not sure in the poll, which was conducted Sept. 27-30.

"I'm really mixed on it," said David Couch, 49, a lawyer in Little Rock, Ark.

"I think probably we need it to stabilize the markets but I really think there needs to be a lot of provisions attached to it so that it won't happen again and the people who were responsible won't profit from it," said Couch, a Democrat who plans to vote for Barack Obama.   Read More...




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