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MoDisco (for Model Discovery) is an Eclipse GMT component for model-driven reverse engineering. The objective is to allow practical extractions of models from legacy systems. Because of the widely different nature and technological heterogeneity of legacy systems, there are several different ways to extract models from such systems. MoDisco proposes a generic and extensible metamodel-driven approach to model discovery. A basic framework and a set of guidelines are provided to the Eclipse contributors to bring their own solutions to discover models in various kinds of legacy.

Due to the highly diversified nature of the considered legacy, MoDisco is a collaborative component involving many organizations. Each of them will bring its own expertise in a given area. MoDisco will use as often as possible the solutions elaborated by the OMG ADM (Architecture Driven Modernization) Task Force. The latest information on ADM recommendations like the Knowledge Discovery Metamodel (KDM), GASTM or SMM may be found at

As a GMT component, MoDisco will make good use of other GMT components or solutions available in the Eclipse Modeling Project (EMF, M2M, GMF, TMF, etc), and more generally of any plugin available in the Eclipse environment.

The creation and the launch of the MoDisco component has been realized in the context of the IST European MODELPLEX project (MODELing solution for comPLEX software systems, FP6-IP 34081).

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