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The Debian testing security team is a group of Debian developers and users who are working to keep Debian's testing branch in good shape with respect to security. Since packages migrate to testing from Debian's unstable branch, a secondary goal of the team is to improve the state of security in unstable.

Security Tracker

The team is tracking new security holes on an ongoing basis, making sure maintainers are informed of them and filing bug reports in the Debian BTS. The result of this work is availably in the Security Tracker web page. This tracker contains information about all branches of Debian and is also used by the stable security team.

Security support for testing

The team is providing security support for Debian's testing branch by

Note that in order to take advantage of the security support for testing, you must update your system on a regular basis.


For several reasons, the security support for testing cannot be expected to be of the same quality as for Debian's stable branch:


Daily notifications about fixed security issues are sent to the mailing list.

Contacting the team

To contact the team, use

For issues related to the Debian security tracker, use the

Helping the team

More information

Internal information

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