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Author Interview

Janet Smith Interviews Janet Evanovich

New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author!

Two weeks ago, as I was walking through the mall, I espied Janet Evanovich’s novel, Seven Up, on the best-seller shelf of my local bookstore. I heard from friends that Janet wrote wonderfully funny and entertaining novels, so I just had to run in and buy it. I started to read it as I sat in a doctor's office waiting room and found myself chuckling out loud. I rarely read humorous books, and now I wonder what I have been missing.

The characters in Seven Up are diverse and brimming over with personality traits. I found the shoot from the hip – say it like it is style totally refreshing. I felt a part of the story as Janet’s main character, bounty hunter Stephanie Plum faced humorous and often serious conflict after conflict. Her writing is real to life, with emphasis on the humorous and wild side. Excited about my new discovery of the Stephanie Plum series, I look forward to reading all eight novels published to date. The release date for Janet’s newest Stephanie Plum novel, To the Nines, is slated for July 15 in the U.S. and Canada, and July 7 in Australia, New Zealand, U.K. and Commonwealth Territories.

Ms. Evanovich found stolen precious moments between hectic plans for her upcoming European book tour and final editing preparations of her sure-to-be next best-seller, To the Nines, to answer the following questions for T-Zero readers.
T-Zero: You have wowed your readers with your wildly successful Stephanie Plum series, with eight #1 best-sellers to date. Stephanie Plum is an intelligent, fun and feisty New Jersey girl who finds herself in all kinds of predicaments with her job as a bounty hunter. Did you have any idea how popular and well accepted your Stephanie Plum – bounty hunter stories would become, after writing the first of the series One for the Money?

Janet Evanovich: No. Even now it's hard to believe. I'm often surprised at how large the turnouts are at signings and events.

TZ: It is easy to see you are totally in sync with Stephanie Plum and comfortable writing in first person with her. You also clearly convey the personality traits and thoughts of your supporting characters. Are your characters like your best friends?

JE: The secondary characters are composites of relatives, friends and figments of my imagination.

TZ: We often hear how fiction is based on truth. The best part of writing fiction is that we can change the parts we want. How much of yourself is in Stephanie Plum?

JE: There's a lot of me in Stephanie. Stephanie reacts to situations the way I would. There's also a lot of my daughter in Stephanie. Stephanie's taste in music, the cars she drives, things like that are from my daughter, Alex.
TZ: After writing nine best-selling Stephanie Plum novels, including your most recent, To the Nines, do you plan to keep the Plum series going?  We want more!
JE: I'm currently contracted through book eleven in the series. I'm not sure how many Plum novels there will be. As long as I'm having fun writing them and people want to read about her, I'll keep the series going.
TZ: What specifically do you enjoy doing, other than writing?
JE: Shopping.

TZ: As a child, did you ever have dreams of becoming a sleuthing detective/bounty huntress?

JE: No. I wanted to be a horse.
TZ: What did you like to read when you were growing up?
JE: The Black Stallion series by Walter Farley, and Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics.
TZ: The release date for your new novel, To the Nines, is July 7, 2003 in Australia, New Zealand, U.K. and Commonwealth Territories. The release date for the U.S. and Canada is July 15, 2003. Are you looking forward to your upcoming U.K. tour from July 9 - 12, and then upon your return to the U.S. to continue the tour until the end of July? 
JE: I always look forward to the tours. I love getting out and meeting people. I have the best readers in the world.
TZ: Why do you write?
JE: I like to make things. And the money ain't bad, either.
Congratulations, Janet, on your phenomenal success and all the best with your exciting, upcoming, overseas book tour. Have fun, and find time to ‘shop ‘til you drop’! Thank you for sharing your time with us. It is much appreciated.

Janet’s daughter, Alex Evanovich, is the Webmaster of Janet Evanovich’s website. The website is full of current events, writing news, contests, book information, witty quotes, and so much more! Check it out at:

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