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Black Squirrels and Light


Black squirrels, in every case I have observed them in Foxboro, MA , have run away very quickly and hidden. I think sunlight hurts them.

-- samer nino

Regional Hazing Rituals and the S.I.B


Hello, for now I will call myself LemDog and I would like to add to your S.I.B. information. I work at a golf course in Branch Wisconsin where many squirrels perform even stranger hazing rituals such as 'The Range Ball Dodge' this extremely dangerous ritual has cost the life of at least one unlucky squirrel. But after witnessing many unsuccessful rituals I have noticed that the black squirrels seem to perform a type of religious ritual including chanting and complex dance steps. Could this shed new light on these S.I.B.'s more priests than ritual initiators.

-- LemDog

S.I.B. On Patrol





Recently I and some others took a trip to the nearby Appalachian mountains. A mile from my house, a gray squirrel ran in front of the car. We were able to slow it to allow escape for the poor little mammal, yet it stayed directly in front of one of the car's tires, running in the same direction as the vehicle. After approximately ten seconds it jumped to the side of the road, and we continued our trip. I believe that this was no ordinary crossing, but a deadly hazing ritual, especially if one looks at the prolonged road-crossing trip of the hazee.

The trip home hosted our second sighting. This time, an elusive Squirrel in Black ran across the road, barely avoiding a horrid, bloody accident. This squirrel was no pressured hazing participant, but a rodent on a mission. The hard, steady look in her/his face revealed an important individual with work to do, possibly an officer working on a hazing crackdown.

This area seems to be shielding from the hazing culture currently, but I predict increased dangerous activities taking place in the near future.


Squirrels Aren't The Only Victims


Your site bothers me. After reading the section on hazing, I felt deeply wronged; wronged in a way I have never been wronged before. And although I cannot pin down the exact source of my deep and utter anguish, I know it has something to do with your complete lack of compassion for those of us who have lost our own squirrels to the asphalt wastelands. Squirrel hazing is a source of much pain for many in the rodent kingdom, and should not be taken so lightly. And so, I have decided to take drastic measures... I'm adding a link to your page from mine! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If I must hurt, then so will the unsuspecting masses! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...

Mark, the Bad Candy Destroyer


2 years ago I was enjoying a relaxing stroll through a beautiful garden near the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles when I was outright accosted by an aggressive, demanding squirrel. Frankly, I didn't know what to do and felt very uneasy. So uneasy that the memory is still fresh in my mind. It's spooky having a cute, cuddly tiny little furry animal behave in such a menacing fashion. Needless to say, I moved shortly after that. There's no doubt in my mind that this particular squirrel was of a nasty disposition and I'm very glad I don't have to face this individual again. I prefer to keep these type of encounters to a minimum.

Safe at last!

No squirrels were harmed by us.

Unless they were of a lower rank and tried to steal our nest, stash, and/or babies.

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