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The urwin is a large type of flightless bird that can be found on the Pod Age. It has a very distinctive call and a very loud footfall, so it's easily recognized. Currently, two varieties are known: the Negilahn Urwin and the Payiferen Urwin.

[edit] Negilahn urwin

The Negilahn variety preys on the kiris that live in the forest, and catches them by simply opening its mouth ("yawning") and walking through a swarm of them.

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[edit] Payiferen urwin

Payiferen urwin
Balaenornis apteryx
Found in Payiferen
The Payiferen urwin walking and sniffing.

The Payiferen variety preys on creatures that live in or on the desert sand. It scoops up a large amount of sand with its large mouth, then visibly performs an unknown action which presumably seperates its meal from the sand or makes the sand better digestible, then swallows. It is also known as a sandscrit.

[edit] Design

The following section is written from an OOC point of view. Events and elements surrounding the Myst Universe are regarded as fictional.

The Payiferen urwin is known to share a few design elements and textures with the laki.

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