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U.S.G.S. Planetary GIS Web Server - PIGWAD

Planetary Interactive G.I.S.-on-the-Web Analyzable Database

Mission Statement for PIGWAD

The objectives of this project are three-fold: (1) Produce a web-based, user-friendly interface aimed at the planetary research community that will support Geographic Information Systems (GIS) graphical, statistical, and spatial tools for analyses of planetary data, including the distribution of planetary GIS tutorials, tools, programs, and information; (2) Create planetary GIS databases consisting of peer-reviewed digital geologic maps, feature maps, topography, and remote-sensing data under the scientific oversight of the NASA Geologic Mapping Subcommittee (GEMS); and (3) Support and encourage the use of GIS in planetary research including geospatial open standards.



NASAs Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program, under the auspices of the Planetary Cartography and Geologic Mapping Working Group (PCGMWG), has chosen to support a planetary, Web-based GIS and planetary GIS support site that the entire science community may utilize. The USGS in Flagstaff will provide this service, given our expertise in both terrestrial and planetary GIS. Datasets that will be incorporated into the viewers or for download must be approved under the scientific oversight of the Geologic Mapping Subcommittee (GEMS) of PCGMWG.

What's New

  • Aug 27, MSL updates here
  • Jul 19, Several GIS tutorials linked here
  • Apr 23, THEMIS Apr08 footprints uploaded here
  • Apr 21, CTX Jan08 footprints uploaded here
  • Mar 20, Lunar Orbiter mosaic and tiles released in a GIS format
  • Mar 6, new HRSC footprints through orbit 4479 uploaded here, released by Jelmer O.
  • Mar 5, Clementine "Warped" Global 200m/p Mosaics released
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