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I started taking money from my husband and putting it in a suitcase. I would tell him I needed the money to buy stuff for the house then save it. I also sold all my jewelry. I was plotting my escape for almost seven months. Finally I came to New York. My husband had a detective looking for me so I got a restraining order against him, but I kept in contact with his father. The father knew we were fighting and understood that I needed to get out of there. I even offered to pay him back for everything, but refused. He turned out to be like a real father to me.

So you know, I had never really paid bills or anything before. I got this job at a salon doing nails and I was only making around $45 a day. I clearly needed money. The singer I moved in with turned out to be a hustler, so I had to be out of the house all the time while he was entertaining his clients. I used to go to this coffee shop, and I met an ex-marine there who suggested I move in with him. We became lovers. He was into S&M;, which I didn't like at all, but he told me that I could make a lot more money doing that instead of working in a salon.

I started working as a dominatrix, and I made a lot of money. The good part was that you didn't have to have actual sex with anyone; but it was very weird. I worked out of a dungeon and I'd have to do spankings. Some clients would come up with entire scenarios and scripts, so it was kind of like acting. One guy was very into lipstick, and he would just make me put on more and more. He would just get so excited about the whole thing and by the end I had tons of lipstick on! Another liked to be hit with pies in the face like a clown. Another liked to pretend that we were waiting for a bus, and I would have to sit there and ask him the time - you know like, "what time is it?" or "Time sure flies, it's one o' clock," and then "Oh, it's 1:02!" he would get off on that. I didn't love this job but I was able to do things like get an apartment by myself.

Then a friend took me to Michael Alig's party Disco 2000, and everyone was floored when they saw me. I started going out all the time and became a star over night - the girl of the minute. It felt so good to finally be appreciated. I quit the domination job and started doing make up at Patricia Fields during the day and working clubs at night.

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