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Is driving to Savannah for dinner.
at work enjoying a hot cup of tanzanian peaberry and listening to Le Vent du Nord. Everything is good today, seriously.
wondering if it is Wednesday yet? I'm finished with Tuesday, thank you.
Getting excited about November! New President, Visiting new friends in Nairobi & new friends in London and then Ethiopian for Thanksgiving!
@flailinglark did you listen to the Radio Lab about the chaos/emergence stuff? I just discovered it on iTunes. Really great listen.
@vasco_pyjama Not sure how much time I'll have- maybe only a day or 2 before I head to London. Still have to get my tickets. I miss Nakuru!
Will you still like me if I admit I'm watching Harold and Kumar escape from Guantanamo? It's only because I heart Kal Penn.
@vasco_pyjama I have a crush on your holiday photos!!
What? Lindsay Lohan admits she's dating a woman. Clay Aiken admits he's gay? How many of you are shocked and awed? Nobody, right?
I like it when the alarm goes off and I am already on my way to work. Feels productive.
Cooked dinner for me and the husband... even though HE is supposed to be the housewife these days!
@ninjamedic Good luck- thinking about you and the Girls today!
Misunderstood and angry.
It really annoys me that Sonic has commercials in Baltimore but no actual Sonics. I really like Sonic. Road Trip?
Just put in an order for a hot dog from the hot dog man on the corner. All beef, mustard, relish, onions. I love hotdogs.
Going to turn over a new leaf this morning and start fresh. No worries about things that I can't change.
@congogirl Eeeek. Quick do something really offensive to make it go away!
@outtajo That sounds almost as much fun a Gay or European!
Driving home from mom's. She cooked up the salmon we caught in Alaska and it rocked!