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Links related to the Open Letter
Our letter received a fair bit of coverage in the NZ IT media, some of which were picked up by international media sites.
  • Here's the piece in ComputerWorld NZ magazine that started it all...
  • A mention in an article on Trevor Mallard's \$10 million deal with Microsoft for schools.
  • Another article about the Open Letter and the NZ Government's refusal to consider alteratives.
  • An article about a couple of people were actually reprimanded by their managers, afraid of reprisals from Microsoft, for signing our letter.
  • NZ's own makes mention of the letter in its politics section.
  • LinuxToday linked to an article on (no longer available) related to Mallard's response to the Openz Letter. The user comments here are interesting.
  • Here's a flattering award "Best viral marketing", from ComputerWorld.
  • Due to the publicity it's managed to garner, a few people asked about the genesis of the Openz Open Letter. This account I wrote was posted on
It appears that we have also had an impact on other efforts with a similar spirit elsewhere in the world. A quick search on Google yields the following:
  • We are given a footnote in Open Software & Open Standards in South Africa (or in the original PDF format) rather comprehensive advisory document by South Africa's National Advisory Council on Innovation.
  • We are listed on the DebianLinux.Net "freedom" page, as striving for National Digital Freedom for NZ.
  • For those of you who read portugese, Nelson Correa de Toledo Ferraz alerted us that he initiated a similar effort to promote open source software to government in Brazil, inspired in part by our letter.
  • Our letter was carried as a feature, in its entirety, on, a US based site promoting the use of open source software in schools.
  • Here's an interesting site for those who read kanji, which appears to be a compendium of open source related advocacy sites including Openz.
  • A few mentions in the Syndey Linux List, starting here.
  • The above message got a mention in Linux user mailing list at ANU, with discussion ensuing...
  • Here's another effort (see here and here) from South Australia.
  • And one from the PLUG (Perth Linux Users Group?).
  • The "" group (in Canada) also mentioned us...
  • Actrix NZ mentions us in their Introduction to Open Source article by John Anderson...
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