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Somalia: Islamists welcome defected government militia in the capital
Fri. December 15, 2006 03:45 pm. -

Mohamed Abdi Farah

(SomaliNet) Dozens of militia, who had defected from the transitional government in Baidoa city, southwest of Somalia, has finally reached in Mogadishu on Friday afternoon to join the Islamic Courts Union – they have suddenly been disarmed by the Islamists and told that they go to training.

Officials of Islamic Courts in Mogadishu welcomed the militia, riding with six battle wagons, three of them were Lorries loaded with anti aircraft guns and the three others were pick-up trucks mounted with heavy machineguns.

Farhan Madobe, the commander of the militia briefed the reasons compelled them to defect from the government and joined Islamists. They were all looked exhausted and covered with dust due to long rough road travel.

“After we have seen that we have no role and no consideration in the government then we have decided to abandon Baidoa area since it is under control of Ethiopian troops,” Madobe who looks very tired said. “We have been on rough journey for 40 days going through the jungle,”

Sheik Mukhtar Robow known as ‘Abu-Mansur’ the deputy Islamist leader for Security thanked the defected government militia for thier escape from the government and urged all Somali militia in and around Baidoa to run away from what he called ‘the occupation of Ethiopians’ and join the ICU.

He said the Islamic Courts would hold training courses for the defected soldiers and ready to welcome the defection of any troops from the government, which he accused of bringing an enemy outside troops in Somalia.

The defected militia were loyal to Botan Isse Alin, one of the former defeated warlords by the Islamic Courts and decided to join the Islamists after they faced difficulties, local official said.

The latest defection is another severe blow to the transitional federal government based in Baidoa city, southwest of Somalia. The transitional government has lost 600 soldiers and joined the Islamists since its relocation in Baidoa, 240 km southwest of the capital, in February 2006.

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