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News Announcement: Akuapim, Ghana
Contact: Barbara Mason, 517/483-4588,

Ten year anniversary celebration with Ghana!

Lansing Regional Sister Cities Commission Chairperson Barbara Mason journeyed to Ghana October 22 through November 7. 

Mason and Commission Member Maxine Hankins Cain were there to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Lansing's sister city relationship with Akuapim South District, Ghana.  Akuapim is one of Lansing's six sister cities.

Mason also took a large donation of supplies for several projects including the clinic LRSCC built in a remote village called Nsakye, a farm LRSCC started with oil palm trees, orange trees, maize and pineapples, HIV -AIDS orphans, and schools LRSCC has adopted.  

The commission established the farm as a sustainable economic development project to help support and improve the elementary and middle schools in the village.  The students at the school are responsible for maintaining it.  "We were very proud of the students", commented Mason.  "They have to walk long distances just to get water for the farm and work very hard to keep it weeded and fertilized. The farm is doing well and at maturity will be an economic benefit."  


Event Announcement: St. Petersburg, Russia
Contact: Doug Langham, 517.646.9077,

St. Petersburg, Russia Delegation Comes to Lansing

EAST LANSING- A Russian discussion panel will meet in room A-607 Wells Hall on the campus of Michigan State University Friday October 26, 2007 from 2-4 p.m.

The panel will feature 10 Russian delegates from St. Petersburg who are part of Global Hopemakers, an organziation designed to offer opportunites and strengthen relations between St. Petersburg, Russia and Eastern Europe and Lansing.

Since 1991, Global Hopemakers and the Lansing Regional Sister Cities Commission have exchanged over two hundred Russian and American citizen diplomats between Lansing and St. Petersburg. The sister-city program gives people from a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to live with homestay families and experience Russian culture while in St. Petersburg and American culture, while in the Lansing area. This visit will provide for a reunion between those from both countries who have become friends over the years, as a result of the exchange programs.

News Announcement: Otsu, Japan
Contact: Martha Fujita, 517/483-4588,

Exchange students and delegates welcomed by Mayor Bernero

LANSING- The Lansing Regional Sister Cities Commission welcomed two delegations from Otsu, Japan, this month. Both delegations met with the mayor to strengthen relations between the two cities.

The first delegation, an exchange program of 12 students with their teachers through the Lansing School District were able to live with host families, attend classes with host brothers and sisters and have opportunities to experience American life and culture.

Their visit with Mayor Bernero on October 13 enabled a better understanding of the mayors duties, how much work goes into running a major city and how rewarding that work can be. The students had the opportunity to meet with the mayor and take a tour of his office.

The second delegation, nine city council members from Otsu's city government had the opportunity to visit LCC, tour MSU and meet with Lansing council members. The city formally welcomed the delegates in a special ceremony and met with the mayor on October 15.

"We are so happy to welcome these delegates from our oldest sister city in Japan. Our city has a tremendous competitive edge as we complete the transition into a new economic and social enviornment," said Mayor Virg Bernero. "That competitive edge is in our diverse population and highly developed network of international education and exchange programs."