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Who, what, and... wow!

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4DK announced the launch of their first Talent SCout™Innovation Contest from booth #353 at CTIA WIRELESS IT & Entertainment 2008. Click here for more information

4DK are an elite R&D team creating high value, mission critical and differentiated interoperability technology solutions for the wireless world.

Our “SuperConnectivity®” product suite takes into account end users’ desires as well as the current challenges faced by the wireless operators, OEMs and developers.

The suite comprises two products; one is an application switch for the network (“SCout”), the other is a middleware application for the handset (“SCamp”) – these have been primarily developed to resolve interoperability issues within devices, between applications and across networks. However, an additional element is the introduction of contextual information into the environment which allows services to be adapted based on the end user’s actual context. The combination of improved interoperability with added user context, gives rise to the “wow!” factor that we call: “SuperConnectivity®”.