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July 17, 2007

Blabbing Mike… ends the blabbing

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Today’s entry will be the final installment of a News Blab that has entertained, informed, and inflamed many for years… going on 6 to be exact. Tomorrow is my 52nd birthday… and as a present to myself, I’ve decided to pursue my new interest of maintaining and expanding my UFO blog and website instead of this one.
Keeping both hurts my investigative skills. I have found I must give up one to better the other. I must better focus my attention on the one which appears to be more challenging. Media and local City stuff no longer holds the challenge it once did… plus I seem to be getting more bitter lately, and that is not a good thing for the ole’ karma bank.
Focusing on the paranormal and UFO field is still wide open, with a much bigger group of interested people. For these reasons… I say adieu

You can still read Mike’s ramblings at

July 16, 2007

Miss the Colorado Springs 2007 Pridefest Parade?

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If you did… you can kinda see it here:

News Blab videos

Part 1 - 2007 Pridefest Parade held in Colorado Springs on Sunday, 15 July

Part 2 - 2007 Pridefest Parade held in Colorado Springs on Sunday, 15 July

You guys may not know this… but… (Did she really just say that?)

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One of the not-as-experienced reporters for KKTV 11 News made sure viewers knew it was very easy to get a gun inside the building which houses the governors office. This while she was reporting about the gunman who was killed by authorities at the State Capitol.
Three times Ashley Fielder made it clear that it was easy to get a gun inside, saying there is no real security at the building, the peoples building. She added that security measures were removed a while back.
Upon returning control back to the anchors, Don Ward made sure to clarify the fact that the building is a safe one, and the governor is protected. Kudos to Ward for helping to de-fuse Fielders statements.
Fielder sounded very nervous while reporting and maybe her inexperience at doing spontaneous LIVE reports, as she was asked to do, may have led to her foot-in-mouth statements.
I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if there is any fall-out from her report…

Note: Governor Ritter’s spokesperson, Evan Dryer, said the governor has good security around him at all times, and the Colorado Capitol is a very safe building.

Wow… look at what the Denver Post has. Now this is some good photog stuff!

Direct from

The body of a gunman lies on the floor at the state Capitol after troopers shot him, saying he had threatened office staff members on July 16, 2007. (Brian Brainerd | The Denver Post)

Media @ Guns & Hoses

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Some pics of the media covering Saturday’s Guns & Hoses Flag Football game…

News Blab photos

Those News Talk 1460 AM guys are everywhere!

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Joe Myers of News Talk 1460 AM KZNT interviewing former Denver Bronco, Randy Gradishar at the recent Guns and Hoses game. Those 1460 AM guys are everywhere!!! Note scanner on Joe’s pocket; an important newsie tool… and Joe (Mr. News) knows it. Something you young-in’s could learn…

July 15, 2007

The Mike Jones, Ted Haggard knows so well…

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Yes… today was the 2007 Pridefest in downtown Colorado Springs… and yes, Mike Jones, the whistle blower of the Ted Haggard story participated in the parade and festival. Jones walked (rode) with the Newspeak riding zombies. Jones, and many others supported today’s event. City Council member Jan Martin was there. She and I had a nice talk.
I’ll have more pics and some video of the Pridefest, coming up on the blog. Stay tuned…

News Blab photo

CSPD vs. CSFD - Guns and Hoses 2007 - 295 Photos

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A CSFD firefighter makes a diving tackle (flag grab) to prevent a CSPD officer from running for a TD in Saturday’s exciting game.

The CSPD and the CSFD faced each other on the football field yesterday… in the 2007 Guns and Hoses Flag Football game. Red and blue rumbled for a good cause! Proceeds from the event benefited the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure. Over $3500 was raised.

I’ve posted 295 game photos here:

July 14, 2007

Exclusive: Julie Penrose gets tagged!

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News Blab has learned that early this morning, park workers arrived at the Julie Penrose Fountain in America the Beautiful Park and found that someone had “tagged” the stainless steel sculpture. What was painted on the metal was not “We love the Julie Penrose Fountain”. Actually, what the tagging said might remain a secret, because park employees would not tell me what the phrase was. They only let me know it was pretty bad. So bad that they hoped not too many park visitors saw the sculpture before it was cleaned.

News Blab photos

Area were “tagging” was cleaned this morning

Pikes Peak Plaza or bust?

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It looks like they’re finally starting to so some serious work over there across from the Gazette building on Pikes Peak. The sign has promised a “Pikes Peak Plaza” for over a year… and I guess now is the time to build.
By-the-way… what ever happened to the promises of a “Pikes Peak Place”, “Cooper Tower”, and “Stratton Pointe”? Did those downtown dreams become nightmares?

News Blab photos

July 13, 2007

Second Annual Bicycle Safety Fair

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Second Annual Bicycle Safety Fair

This Sunday, July 15th, from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, at 3602 Airport Road will mark the second annual bicycle safety fair. The Fair will include safety and vehicle displays by Colorado Springs Fire Department, Police Department and American Medical Response. There will also be safety activities and games, as well as 300 free bike helmets and a bicycle repair station.

One year ago, the Bicycle Safety Fair was started to raise funds and awareness for a Edwin Nuevo, he was riding his bicycle and was hit by a car, unfortunately he was not wearing a bike helmet. He has recovered well from his injuries, but his recovery time would have been greatly lessened if he had been wearing a helmet.

The CSFD paramedic, Kevin Apuron, and the AMR paramedic, Melody Bean, that took care of Edwin want to make sure that every child riding a bike has a helmet, so this year, and the coming years, the proceeds raised from the sale of
raffle tickets, will be used to provide helmets and bike safety awareness. Both paramedics will be at the event on Sunday.

Contact: Kevin Apuron
(719) 243-5470

Message to the Mayor … and Mike Jones marching

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Recently I shared an article from a Denver paper that explained that our State’s Governor is in support of Sunday’s Pridefest here in Colorado Springs, while our City Mayor is still unwilling to support it as Mayor’s have in the past. With that in mind, the below photos show you what the Mayor and anyone else who is at City Hall can see if they look across the street. It is definitely a message to the Mayor, no doubt.

Also… I’ve learned that Mike Jones, the man who exposed Ted Haggard, is going to be marching in the Pridefest parade on Sunday. He will be marching with the Newspeak website entry and will be selling and signing books at their booth after the parade.

News Blab photos

Saturday - 3rd Annual Guns and Hoses Flag Football Game

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News Blab photo - 2006 game

3rd Annual Guns and Hoses Flag Football Game

Colorado Springs Police Department
Colorado Springs Fire Department

Date: Saturday - July 14, 2007
Where: Cheyenne Mountain High School
Time: Gates open at 10am - Game starts at 11am

To benefit the Local Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research, and to honor the survivors of breast cancer.
Registration for the annual Race for the Cure will be available
The event is FREE but donations will be greatly appreciated

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