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ABC's new Friday night club shows promise; Cold Case gets lukewarm; and HBO's Tell Me You Love gets even more naked.
Angie Harmon in ABC's "Women's Murder Club"

ABC's Women's Murder Club is the epitome of the type of show that never attracts much buzz, but it could be just perfect for a nice long run on Friday night. The early ratings are decent, and the devotees of the James Patterson novels on which the series is based are more likely to be at home on Fridays. We're still wondering why they ever took Providence off the air?

Friday's episode featured the four women in the club investigating the mysterious death of a woman found in an alley. The discovery that the victim had recently re-entered the dating scene leads to a focus on men she had planned to see and who had wanted to see her. [Change the Channel]


Friday Night Lights:
Coach Taylor is back in Dillon, which we knew had to happen eventually. The now departed coach McGregor was not a good soldier as he departed. Julie's dalliance with The Swede may be over. The police find the rapist's body, but so far suspect nothing of Landry and Tyra. Jason heads to Mexico for an experimental treatment involving shark blood. [Alan Sepinwall]

Cold Case:
This week's case was a little warmer than usual, as it was only five years into the past. The victim was a teenager with a startling aptitude for math, a gift that proved ripe for exploitation by neighborhood thugs and gamblers, including the kid's own half-brother. This show could stand to get Kathryn Morris front and center again soon.

Stealing the "ripped from the headlines" mantle from Law & Order, this episode was clearly inspired by the David Benoit murder/suicide this past summer. Stark and company looked into the possible role of steroids in the suicides of fighters in mixed martial arts.

Tell Me You Love Me:
Carolyn told Palek she's pregnant, something he couldn't pretend to be thrilled about. He confesses his feelings about the baby and about his own absent father to May in a solo therapy visit. May has to twist the arms of the terminally reticent Katie and David to get them to open up about sex. How did these people ever get to first base, let alone have kids? As for Jamie, I think it has now been established that Michelle Borth is the nakedest person in TV history.

Desperate Housewives:
Not everyone is happy about the tacky fountain Bob and Lee have installed in their front yard. When Katherine, speaking for the homeowners' association, attempts to have a nice chat with them about it, they let it be known they have the goods on what caused her and her husband to leave Chicago. Bree pulls out the stops to get Danielle and her future baby back home. Gabrielle and Carlos aren't a secret anymore. Jesse Metcalfe, who if the gossip columns are correct probably needed this paycheck, reprised his role as the once hot gardener. [Fay Boleyn]

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