International Lunar Occultation Center (ILOC)

The International Lunar Occultation Center (ILOC) is an organization which collects and maintains data from lunar occultation observations from all over the world. Each year the ILOC receives reports of occultations of roughly 10,000 stars. The ILOC also issues predictions of occultations for use in making occultation observations and provides other data to a variety of researchers and research institutions.

The International Lunar Occultation Center was founded by the International Astronomical Union in the United States in 1923 as an organization dedicated to collecting and maintaining occultation observation data from all over the world. The work of the ILOC was then entrusted to the Royal Greenwich Observatory before being moved again in 1981to the Japan Coast Guard, which had by then established itself as a leader in performing occultation observations. In 1992, the work of providing predictions of lunar occultations was also taken over by the Japan Coast Guard from the US Naval Observatory.

The work of observing lunar occultations is performed all over the world, with about 1,000 observers working worldwide in the United States, the Czech Republic, Australia, and over 30 other nations. And just as one might expect, there are also a large number of observers working in Japan as well.

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  • International Lunar Occultation Center

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