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Energy, powering your world

The booklet "Energy, powering your world" is a 60-page informative text about energy in general - the ways we use it, where it comes from, and how we will deal with our energy needs in the future. This booklet can give remarkable help for secondary school teachers for their work, but it is useful for everyone interested in energy related issues.

Energy, Powering Your World (4.2 MB)
Energie, motor van jouw wereld (4.2 MB)
Energie, die deine Welt bewegt (3 MB)
L'énergie fait tourner le monde (3 MB)
Energia: per accendere il tuo mondo (3 MB)
Energía: impulsando el mundo (3 MB)

Paper copies of the booklet are available on request. Please contact Ms Aline Dürmaier, tel: +49-89-3299-4263, e-mail: aline.duermaierefda.org.