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McCain-Obama Dance-Off
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400 Metres Haies (France)
Sometimes a foot race isn't always a foot race ....

Bacon & The Gefilte
When a Jewish husband gets caught cheating, he d...


MiniMovie News
How Not To Be A Stupid Filmmaker: Other Infringements October 14, 2008
There's a trend happening with some short filmmakers – stealing. It’s not intentional (I hope) but it’s evident nonetheless. It all boils down to using other peoples’ stuff. Music infringements are the most prevalent (as discussed in an earlier piece here). But there are other “thefts” that can still hurt your film when it comes to getting it sold and seen. And there are just way too many

How Not To Be A Stupid Filmmaker: Trademarks and Logos October 10, 2008
You can’t stick voodoo pins in Barbie. OK, actually you can (it’s a free country). But if you do it in your movie, you probably won’t be able to sell the film you just made of Barbie’s suffering. It’s a trademark/logo issue. When filmmakers are shooting their shorts, it’s easy to overlook this very important aspect. Principal photography can be fast and furious, not to mention minimally staffed

Movies of the Week - Jews: The Chosen Movies September 29, 2008
Just in time for the High Holy Days, here are five comedies about Jewish-American life. From dietary restrictions to interfaith marriage, what's a good Jew to do? The movie for Friday -- A Man And His Banana -- is not technically Jewish because of rules against working on the Sabbath—but it is something a young Woody Allen might have made. The Hebrew Hammer This movie turns the "nice Jewish

Lost Screen Tests: Fake Interview with Samuel L. Jackson September 29, 2008
He's "King of the Mother@#$%^ World," and he's got s--- to say about movies, women, language, and those lost screen tests recently posted on the Mini Movie Channel website.* (*Mini Movie Channel stresses that no actual celebrities participated in this interview or the screen tests posted on . The words here are not those of the actual Samuel L. Jackson. They're parodies,

How Not To Be A Stupid Filmmaker: Writers September 29, 2008
WRITERS are where it all starts. Word! It all begins with the word: The Script. The writer of any script owns the script. And, of course, he or she has the right to sell his script to a filmmaker so it can be made into a movie. It’s essential to legally contract for the script from the writer. The contract should clearly spell out what rights the filmmaker is getting from the writer and for

How Not To Be A Stupid Filmmaker: Actors September 13, 2008
ACTORS: DO YOU REALLY NEED THEM? Yes. Yes you do. Unless you happen to be making an animation with no dialogue, you will have actors in your film. For our purposes, "actor" refers to anyone appearing in your movie or being heard in your movie via voice-over. That also includes background extras, and even those real people appearing in your documentaries. You need their permission in writing.

In the news - Palm Springs Film Festival September 11, 2008
From The Desert Sun of Palm Springs, California -- All Eyes On The Screen, Please "If you're trying to guess which ShortFest films are most likely to create an online buzz, you may have to secure an industry pass. Film scouts say the shorts on screen aren't necessarily the ones best suited for the Internet. More than 100 industry people are now viewing almost 2,400 films that didn't get

April and Christina: Notes from life on the road September 08, 2008
April Macie and Christina Pazsitzky are on the road and in the mood, appearing at comedy clubs as the team “Naughty and Sorta Nice.” Their nationwide tour, dubbed “Sex in Every City,” is sort of a traveling standup comedy version of the Spice Girls meeting the Sarah Jessica Parker posse. The team’s bawdy humor blends sex with race relations, boozing, the workplace, and even what’s hot about fat

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