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The Geologic Hazards Team is located in Golden, Colorado, on the Colorado School of Mines campus. The Team works in the following three programs:

General Information


Geologic Hazard Images

Topical Research Projects

  • Advanced National Seismic System (ANSS)
    A nationwide network of shaking measurement systems.
  • Albuquerque Seismological Laboratory (ASL) /Global Seismograph Network (GSN)
    The ASL installs and maintains a global network of seismograph stations, develop, test, and evaluate a variety of seismic instrumentation.
  • Earthquake Effects/Ground Motion
    Collects field data from seismic imaging, ground motion, and ground failure to yield better seismic hazard assessments and products.
  • Geomagnetism
    Operates and maintains magnetic observatories located in the United States and its Territories.
  • Landslide Hazards
    Conducts research, gathers information, responds to emergencies and disasters, and produces scientific reports and other products for a broad-based user community.
  • National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC)
    The mission of the National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) is to rapidly determine location and size of all destructive earthquakes worldwide and to immediately disseminate this information to concerned national and international agencies, scientists, and the general public.
  • National Seismic Hazard Maps
    Produces US national maps showing earthquake ground motions that have a specified probability of being exceeded in 50 years. These ground motion values are used for reference in construction design for earthquake resistance.
  • Paleoseismology
    The study of the timing, location, and size of prehistoric earthquakes.
  • Seismic Imaging
    Webpages in production.
  • Wildfire-related Debris Flows
    USGS research on debris flows in burned areas focuses on determining the conditions and processes that cause debris flows and rapidly assessing the potential for debris flow in specific burned areas.

Regional Research Projects