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Expat Insurance
Expat Insurance Glossary

Please find below our alphabetically organized Expat Insurance Glossary.

Accident An unexpected, unforeseen and involuntary external even resulting in injury occurring whilst Your Policy is in force.

Acute A Medical Condition which is brief, has a definite end point and which We, on Advice or General Advice determine can be cured by Treatment.

Advice Any consultation from a Medical Practitioner or Specialist including the issue of any prescriptions or repeat prescriptions.

Appliances Devices and equipment when used as an integral part of a surgical procedure administered by a Medical Practitioner or Specialist.

Benefits The insurance coverage provided by this Policy and any extensions or restrictions shown in the Policy Schedule or in any endorsements (if applicable).

Bodily Injury Injury which is caused solely by an Accident which results in the Insured Person`s dismemberment, disablement or other physical external injury.

Chronic A Medical Condition or Related Condition which the insurance company, on Professional Advice determine cannot be cured by Treatment.

Co-Insurance The percentage of the total value of the incurred expenses for which the Policyholder/Insured Person is responsible.

Congenital Anomaly Intrauterine development of an organ or structure that is abnormal with reference to form, structure or position.

Country of Nationality The country for which the insured holds a passport.

Country of Residence The country in which the insured has his/her habitual residence at the time this Policy is first taken out or at each subsequent Renewal Date/Review Date.

Date of Entry The date shown on the Policy Schedule on which an Insured Person was included under their Policy.

Day-Patient An Insured Person who is admitted to a Hospital bed but does not stay overnight.

Dental Practitioner A person who is licensed by the relevant licensing authority to practice dentistry in the country where the dental Treatment is given.

Dependants One spouse or adult partner and/or unmarried children who are not more than 18 years old and residing with the Insured, or 23 years old if in full-time education, at the Date of Entry or any subsequent Renewal Date/Review Date.

Drugs and Dressings Essential drugs, dressings and medicines prescribed by a Medical Practitioner or Specialist and which are not available without prescription.

Elective Planned Treatment which is Medically Necessary, but which is not required in an Emergency.

Emergency A sudden, serious, unexpected and unforeseen condition or illness which causes severe symptoms requiring immediate medical care, and constituting a hazard for life, health or physical well-being.

Evacuation In the event of a medical Emergency, where Treatment is not available at the place of the incident this refers to the costs incurred in moving an Insured Person from the place of incident to the nearest country with appropriate medical facilities, as determined by the attending Medical Practitioner or Specialist in conjunction with medical advisors.

Excess The amount payable by an Insured Person in respect of expenses incurred before any Benefits are paid under the Policy.

Expatriate Any persons living or working outside of the country for which they hold a passport, for a period exceeding 6 months per Period of Cover.

General Advice Advice from the relevant professional body to establish medical practice and/or established medical opinion in relation to any Medical Condition or Treatment.

Hereditary Transmitted from parents to offspring; inherited and which presents symptoms at birth.

Hospital An establishment which is legally licensed as a medical or surgical Hospital under the laws of the country in which it is situated.

In-Patient An Insured Person who stays in a Hospital bed and is admitted for one or more nights solely to receive Treatment.

Local National Any persons living or working in the country for which they hold a passport for a period exceeding 6 months per Period of Cover.

Medical Condition Any injury, illness or disease, including psychiatric illness.

Medical Practitioner A person who has attained primary degrees in medicine or surgery by attending a medical school recognized by the World Health Organization and who is licensed by the relevant authority to practice medicine in the country where the Treatment is given.

Medically Necessary A medical service or Treatment which in the opinion of a qualified Medical Practitioner is appropriate and consistent with the diagnosis and which in accordance with generally accepted medical standards could not have been omitted without adversely affecting the Insured Persons condition or the quality of medical care rendered.

Out-Patient An Insured Person who receives Treatment at a recognized medical facility, but is not admitted to a Hospital bed as an In-Patient or Day-Patient.

Palliative Treatment Any Treatment given, on Advice or General Advice, for the purpose of offering temporary relief of symptoms. Palliative Treatment is not given to cure the Medical Condition causing the symptoms.

Reasonable & Customary Charges The average amount charged in respect of valid services or Treatment costs, as determined by the Insurance Company's experience in any particular country, area or region and substantiated by an independent third party, being a practicing Surgeon/Physician/Specialist or government health department.

Related Condition Any injuries, illnesses or diseases are Related Conditions if We, on General Advice, determine that one is a result of the other or if each is a result of the same injury, illness or disease.

Rehabilitation Assisting an Insured Person who, following a Medical Condition, requires assistance in physical, vocational, independent living and educational pursuits to restore them to the position in which they were in prior to such Medical Condition occurring.

Renewal Date The anniversary of the commencement date of the Policy.

Review Date The anniversary of the commencement date of the Policy where cover is provided on a monthly basis. The Review Date will be the date on which any changes to the Policy terms or premium rates become effective for the forthcoming review period.

Semi-Private Room Dual occupancy accommodation in a private Hospital.

Specialist A registered Medical Practitioner who currently holds a substantive consultant appointment in that specialty, which is recognized as such by the statutory bodies of the relevant country.

Treatment Surgical, medical or other procedures the sole purpose of which is the cure or relief of a Medical Condition.

Underwriters Those insurance companies named as Underwriters in Your Policy Schedule.

Ward Room Accommodation in a private Hospital where the patient is sharing the room with more than one other patient.