San Francisco Bay Area Regional Database (BARD)

BARD's goal is to make it convenient for you to acquire USGS Digital Data for the San Francisco Bay Area.
Learn about the four different data types we have available through the "NSDI description" link.
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Welcome to our Bay Area Digital Map Library
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100K Data Library

 [DEM sample] DEMs 1:24K Digital Elevation Models (Metadata)

NSDI description

 [DLG sample] DLGs 1:24K Digital Line Graphs (Metadata)

NSDI description

 [DRG sample] DRGs 1:24K Digital Raster Graphics (Metadata)

DRG Program

 [Historic map] Historic Map Images (Metadata)
 [DOQ sample] DOQs 1:24K Digital Orthophoto (Metadata)

NSDI description

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