College Admissions
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   Creating a Resume
   Time Table
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   Find the Right School
   Recommendation Ltrs.
      Part One
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   Writing the Essay
      Part One
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   College Interviews
      Part One
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  College Admissions
[college admissions]
Application Options - EA, SCEA, ED, Rolling, and Regular Admissions. Gibberish? Here's a translation along with an understanding of which sorts of admissions options are appropriate for you.

Creating a Resume - The resume will serve you well both in college application and in your search for scholarships/jobs by giving a concise yet informative profile of you.

Time Table -A few general guidelines for your high school journey towards college admissions success.

Part One Freshman and Sophomore years.
Part Two Junior and Senior years.

Finding the Right School -Advice on how you should choose which schools to apply to.

Recommendation Letters -There's a lot more to getting good recommendation letters for college than simply asking any teacher, supervisor, or coach. Here's what you need to know.

Part One How do you find the right recommenders for you?
Part Two Once you have in mind who you want to write the recommendation, how do you approach them?

Writing the Essay - The essay gives you the chance to break out of the rigid recitation of your high school endeavors, demonstrating your creative flair and personal traits. As such, it is a vital component of any application and should be carefully considered.

Part One The skills you need to write the essay and selecting a topic.
Part Two Continued advice on topical selection and other tips for writing an effective essay.

College Interviews - All the "As," stellar test scores, and lengthy lists of accomplishments in the world cannot give anywhere near your human impression compared to the college interview. Here's how to prepare for yours.

Part One An understanding of the content of the interview and what you should know in order to be ready.
Part Two In addition to having knowledge of content, you need to be prepared with materials and present yourself correctly.

Deferrals and Waitlists -What steps you can take in order to right the ship after hearing news of a deferral or being waitlisted.