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Why do Science Research? - Investigating the benefits of scientific research to overall development of interests and to college admissions.

How do I start Researching? - Suggestions to an often asked question regarding how to start meaningful science research.

Contacting Professors for Research - Advice on how to generate a list of professors to contact and how to write the intial letter/email.

Intel Science Talent Search - Indepth description of one of the oldest and most prestigious science competitions in America.

Siemens Competition - A recent but increasingly well-known and lucrative competition that focuses on science research and parallels the Science Talent Search in many ways.

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair - The world's largest pre-college science and engineering fair with students from all over the globe.

Junior Science and Humanities Symposium - National and international symposium, giving students the chance to present research sponsored by universities/government institutions. .

Davidson Fellows - A prestigious, national scholarship given to talented youths for work in a variety of areas including mathematics, science, technology, music, and literature.

BioGENEius Challenge - An international competition culminating in presentations at the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) annual conference.

High School Honors Science/Engineering/Mathematics Program (HSHSP) - A renowned seven-week research camp at Michigan State University primarily for students who have just completed their sophomore or junior years of high school.

Secondary Student Training Program (SSTP) - Intense six-week research camp at the University of Iowa for high school students.

Poster/Board Advice -
Part One General advice on how to have a successful and attractive design.
Part Two More technical points on creating the perfect manifestation of your project.

Paper Writing Advice - Coming Soon.

Sample Papers and Posters - Coming Soon.