Welcome to the Planning and Community Development Department

Our mission is to provide solution oriented customer services to the people we serve which lead to the implementation of sustainable plans, facilitates economic growth, enhances our quality of life and protects our environment.

Our vision is to be a fully integrated, progressive and engaged team of professionals which is guided through the use of technology in creative and collaborative methods that facilitate land use planning decisions to balance the need for economic growth combined with the stewardship of preserving the County’s natural resources.

Our goal is to process and analyze project applications in a solution oriented “can-do” environment that is fair, efficient, progressive, timely, accurate, and customer service friendly which will accommodate development within the boundaries of the County's polices, goals and objectives.

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to keep our website accurate and up to date. However, due to the changing nature of projects, the environment, legislation, and technical limitations of the internet, the material in this website should be confirmed.