Lame Duck
Lame Duck Defined
  1. Merriam-Webster
    1. an elected official or group continuing to hold political office during the period between the election and the inauguration of a successor
    2. one whose position or term of office will soon end
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2008.10.28 - We Came! We Saw! We Burned to the Waterline!

Well, as many of you know, we gave away our software all day on Tuesday, Oct. 28th. The giveaway, despite some technical glitches, went splendidly. For the record, we project that we gave away at least 750,000 product registrations during Oct. 28th. That's a lot of software. We're thrilled that that many people became aware of CodeWeavers. And we're thrilled that that many more people will be able to run their Windows software without Windows.

That said, yes, some of you may have noticed that our server was down during periods of the past 24 hours. In fact, it melted into a tiny little pool of slag. However, through the monumental efforts of our sysadmin, Jeremy Newman, we were able to stay afloat, and at least field an interim solution that would let people put in their requests for serial codes. Our heads are above water. And we will honor our commitments to ensure that everyone who sent in their email during the offer period receives a serial code as rapidly as possible.

Finally, given the overwhelming response to our giveaway, we have decided that it is only responsible that we wind down the Challenge. After all, it's clear in retrospect that our Challenge was responsible for the implosion of the world economy that resulted in the collapse of oil prices, that in turn led to the lowering of gasoline prices here in the U.S. Frankly, realizing the sort of clout we wield, we fear to flaunt that power. One of our goals has to do with milk prices. Who knows what might happen: we might destroy the U.S. dairy industry or something. Or crush the housing market even worse. We can't have that. And so, it is with a heavy heart that the CodeWeavers Management Team(tm) has decided to declare victory in our Challenge, and move ahead. We thank you, the people, for making it fun.


Jon Parshall

2008.10.27 - Goal Met! Free Software on Tuesday!

Well, as you know, a goal has been met--gas prices have plummeted along with the stock market, meaning I can now drive that old junker of mine a little more cheaply for the next few years (because Lord knows I won't be buying a new car anytime soon in this economy...).

Anyway, here's the deal: the giveaway starts at midnight tonight (CST), and continues all day Tuesday the 28th until midnight (CST). New customers get free software, existing customers get free upgrades and product support extensions. Everybody goes home happy!

Read more on our press release.

2008.08.28 - Video

2008.08.07 - Upcoming planks

I'm actually going to be sunning myself on the beaches (?) of Lake Superior for the next week and a half, but our vaunted support ninjas will be watching the forums in my absence. When I get back, we'll have to start mulling what the plank will be for August. We got some interesting nominations after we launched, and I'll be looking to get at least one of them up there by the 28th. Have a great couple weeks...

2008.07.30 - It's been an interesting 24 hours...

Well, we're off and running, and so far things are going well. Folks have noticed the Challenge, and overall the response has been good. My Inbox is full of suggestions for further goals for the Challenge. So that's all great.

That said, we figured that we'd get some negative email on this, too. And we weren't disappointed on that front, either, although it hasn't been all that much in the grand scheme of things. I just wanted to take this opportunity to re-iterate that we're non-partisan. We really are. Believe me, despite what you may think about everyone in the free software world being some sort of crypto-socialist leftist, there are Republicans working at CodeWeavers. There are Republicans working at our PR firm, too. And believe me, we use them as a litmus test as to whether what we're doing is at least moderately humorous, as opposed to just piling on. Granted, you can never make everybody happy (and if you did, what you'd be offering up would probably be such watered-down tripe that it wouldn't be worth it), but for what it's worth, we've at least tried not to be overtly partisan about this. Of course, if you don't want to believe that, I'm quite certain you won't. Onward!

2008.07.28 - Welcome to the Challenge!

Election Season, 2008! I think it's fair to say that here at CodeWeavers we're facing up to the 2008 elections with the same mixture of anticipation and thinly-veiled dread that much of the rest of the country is. And we're expecting to waste just as much time over the water cooler discussing the ins and outs of the respective campaigns as anyone else.

Which is precisely the problem.

Because if we're wasting too much time here, think about how much more time will be wasted over all the water coolers in DC during the coming months. It's not a pretty prospect.

As such, we're doing our patriotic bit to make sure the nation's business keeps getting the attention it rightly deserves. Fortunately, too, when an open-source software company as respected and powerful as CodeWeavers throws down the gauntlet, we're pretty sure that President Bush will take notice. And so it is with great pride, and lofty expectations, that we launch the Great American Lame Duck Presidential Challenge!


-jon parshall-

Media Buzz

BBC declares Bush Lame Duck: An article discussing the failure to pass bailout legislation. The article states - "George W Bush, his authority sapped anyway by his abiding unpopularity, is very much in the Lame Duck phase of the closing days of his presidency."

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