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The CIA World Factbook 2008

$12.95 ($14.95 Canada)
752 pages
Paperback | 8.5 x 11
Rights: World
B&W Illustrations throughout
Published: October 2007
ISBN: 9781602390805

Central Intelligence Agency 
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The CIA World Factbook 2008

Central Intelligence Agency


Chock full of up-to-date coverage of countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, this fascinating reference—intended for use by government officials—should be on the shelf of every school, world traveler, and journalist. For each country, you'll find: a thorough introduction with historical background; detailed geographical facts, including current environmental issues; and a full description of the people, with information on literacy rates, HIV prevalence, and major infectious diseases. There are also details on conventional political parties, contact information for diplomatic representation, and the nation's economic status, complete with statistics. A synopsis of transnational issues includes narcotic-related corruption. Along with multiple appendices, this attractive book features pages of beautiful, recently-updated maps, and three high quality fold-out posters.