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  24/01/2005 - Gcube discontinued...

Sad but true :(. Monk no longer has the means to continue developing this great emulator so the project is over. He did however release the Gcube source with the latest changes that were made for anyone that can find it usefull or for even those that wish to continue Gcube, but in either case please give Monk the credit he deservs. Here is the source: gcube-0.4-src.tar.bz2

  07/12/2004 - Gcube 0.3b for Mac

Monk just got an updated mac binary from Adam Green, this will most likely fix all the problems Mac users were having with SDL library. You can get Gcube 0.3b (Mac) here.

  05/12/2004 - Gcube 0.3 is finally here!

Its been a while i know, probably most of you thought this project was dead but nop, its alive and kicking. Im sure you'll all be amazed with the progress, and as promised all Mac users can now enjoy this great project. You can check whats new on the changelog and you can get the new version on the downloads section.

Here are some screenshots of what the new version is capable of:

Also make sure you drop by the Gcube Forum. Thanks to EXEmu for hosting it.

  15/07/2004 - Gcube 0.2 Released

Instead of waiting for the fixed Mac version, monk decided to release this version now :) As you can see from the screenshots lots of improvements were made. Here's something on whats new:

- support for gcm's and compressed gcm's
- virtual dvd support (mounting directory as the dvd root)
- improved gx emulation
- debugger is working on windows
- file / gcm browser
- OSReport emulation
- various fixes

See notes in the Readme for more description.

All you Mac users will be happy with the next release ;)

  30/06/2004 - Website

Finally, a few months after the first release of Gcube, there is a website! Many thanks to for hosting it and i hope you all enjoy it. You can mail your feedback to the web designer Metalmurphy, meanwhile here are some screenshots of Gcube 0.1 running some demos. You can grab it over the Downloads section as well as the online documentation and please make sure you read it first. Have fun!