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Bei euronews vertreten wir die Meinung, dass eine systematisch sensationell aufgemachte Berichterstattung das Urteil der Zuschauer hinsichtlich des Weltgeschehens beeinflusst und verzerrt.

Bei euronews glauben wir an die menschliche Intelligenz und denken, dass es die Aufgabe eines Nachrichtensenders ist, jedem Menschen genügend Material zur Verfügung zu stellen, damit er sich seine eigene Meinung über die Welt bilden kann.

Die journalistische Arbeit ist nicht die Wiedergabe einer vorgefassten Meinung, sondern die objektive Vermittlung der Realität in ihrer Gesamtheit. Dies ist der Kampf, für den sich der Nachrichtensender euronews seit dem Tag seiner Gründung einsetzt: dem Zuschauer ausschließlich Fakten zu vermitteln.

euronews, Nachrichten pur.

The Channel

euronews is the leading international news channel covering world news from a European perspective. Launched in 1993, euronews today is a multi-lingual (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Arabic), multi-platform news service.

euronews offers programmes and interactive services on cable, satellite and terrestrial TV. In addition, euronews is available in hotels, on airline networks, ADSL, internet, PDA and mobile phones.


euronews has access to uniquely rich and varied information streams through the Eurovision Exchange, its shareholders and major press and TV news agencies. Access to this wide range of sources enables euronews’ team of over 200 journalists to compare, analyse and report with balance, maintaining impartiality and avoiding a national viewpoint.

Voice of the people

The continent accounts for 34 official languages, making effective communication from one source an issue. Eighty three percent of upmarket Europeans choose to watch news in their own language; therefore a multilingual news service is a necessity. euronews remains the only multilingual news channel broadcasting simultaneously in 8 languages to a global audience.

euronews on air, online, all the time

euronews has embraced new technology facilitating an easy access to news and information anytime, anywhere via any method available. Distribution in hotels, airports, onboard airlines and via new media platforms ensures euronews is a readily accessible and valued by travellers. The channel’s website,, provides around-the-clock news in 8 languages and supports video streams of the day’s most up-to-date news and business stories.

euronews was the first news broadcaster to switch to digital in 1999 and has successfully implemented distribution on new media platforms. The channel has secured distribution via PDAs, mobile phones and live video streaming on GPRS, 3G, WAP and i-mode services. euronews’ multi-lingual, all image format lends itself perfectly for new media platforms across the globe, resulting in availability of the channel on 34 mobile networks in 23 European markets.

  1. euronews
  2. SOCEMIE Société Opératrice de la Chaîne Européenne Multilingue d’Information euronews - Operating company
  3. SECEMIE Société Editrice de la Chaîne Européenne Multilingue d’Information euronews
  4. 21 shareholders Public broadcasters in alphabetical order: CT (Czech Republic), CyBC (Cyprus), ENTV (Algeria), ERT (Greece), ERTT (Tunisia), ERTV (Egypt), francetélévisions (France), NTU (Ukraine), PBS (Malta), RAI (Italy), RTBF (Belgium), RTE (Ireland), RTP (Portugal), RTR (Russia), RTVE (Spain), RTVSLO (Slovenia), SSR (Switzerland), TMC (Monaco), TVR (Romania), TV4 (Sweden), YLE (Finland).


Today’s upmarket audiences are time-poor. euronews has successfully created a schedule to meet their needs, offering an appointment to view news reports on the half hour, featuring in-depth comment and editorial in the evening with a complementary offering of lifestyle programming during daytime and weekends.

“International news is made of conflicts and each protagonist has his point of view to defend. Our mission is to allow all those involved to express themselves, allowing viewers to form their own opinions. This debate does not only take place on air but is also at the heart of our editorial process ”.

At the heart of Europe

euronews’ ability to understand and decipher the various political debates and implications of political decisions made within Europe and their effects not only on a global scale but on day to day living make it the only channel best positioned to deliver true “European” news. This exceptional understanding of Europe is brought into focus with programmes such as such as f.a.q., europe, reporter, agora and parlamento.

The line-up

euronews provides up-to-the-minute news bulletins with the latest news, business, finance, sport, current affairs, weather, and live breaking news as it happens.

Complementary programmes include:

business and markets
Financial news, commodity prices plus interviews from world business leaders
no comment
Award winning programme broadcasting striking images and no commentary
le mag and Rendez-Vous
Covering the arts, cinema, fashion, travel and culture
Covering European affairs scheduled at peak times around news and business bulletins
A look at the front pages of Europe’s leading daily titles every morning
Special Bulletins
Covering all key business and sporting events in special bulletins throughout the year


euronews broadcasts to more than 199 million households in 130 countries worldwide via cable, digital satellite and terrestrial channels, making its reach truly global. Since 2004, euronews has also concentrated on securing distribution via multi-media platforms including ADSL, digital media and digital terrestrial TV.

Global reach

euronews’ worldwide distribution has nearly doubled in the last 5 years and the channel continues its global expansion, now covering Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas and Asia.

euronews’ coverage worldwide Households in ‘000

Source: PETV Distribution report Q2 2008
Geographic Region Count
Middle East/Africa 49,224
Canada 173
USA 19,019
Russia 27,000
Reunion & region 162
West Indies 205
Australia, New Caledonia & Tahiti 167
Asia 658
Latin America 1,724
Europe 149,752

euronews, the number 1 in Europe

The latest distribution report shows that euronews is the leading international news channel in Europe.

171 million households in Europe, PETV distribution data Europe

171 million households in Europe, PETV distribution data Europe
Carrier Count (in millions)
euronews 171
CNN Int. 132
BBC World News 82

euronews increases presence in local markets

In addition to cable & satellite, euronews is also broadcast via exclusive terrestrial windows in 21 countries. 34 national broadcasters take euronews’ signal and broadcast it live on their national terrestrial networks, bringing an extra 105 million homes terrestrially.


euronews subscribes to people meters, a recognized standard in TV audience measurement, which provide accurate viewing figures from the major European markets. euronews also subscribes to EMS, the European Media & Marketing Survey, which analyses the media consumption of upmarket Europeans in 16 western European countries.

The first choice news channel in Europe

euronews reaches 2.9 million cable and satellite viewers every day, and an additional 3.7 million daily viewers through its terrestrial windows broadcast, which is more than CNN International and BBC World News combined.

Daily reach people meters Q2 2008 in ’000:

Carrier Count (in millions)
euronews Terrestrial 3690
euronews Cable & Sat 2885
CNN Int. 1701
BBC World News 1200

People meters under subscription

  • Germany (AGF/GfK)
  • France (MédiaCabSat)
  • Spain (Sofres AM)
  • Poland (AGB Polska)
  • Belgium (CIM)
  • Switzerland (IHA Telecontrol)
  • Russia (Gallup)
  • UK (Barb)
  • Lebanon
  • Romania

euronews #1 news channel

euronews confirms its position as the audience leader amongst the international news channel in 20 European countries, according to the results of the latest EMS-C-EMS study released in July 2008. The survey, which measures the media consumption of 46 million upmarket viewers in Western and Eastern Europe, shows that 17.6 percent of affluent and influential individuals watch euronews every week.

Weekly reach in % - 20 EMS & C-EMS countries

Carrier Count (in millions)
euronews 17,6
CNN Int. 16,7
Sky News 14,7
BBC World News 12,4
CNBC 6,5
Bloomberg TV 5,8
Aljazeera English 2,6
France 24 2,0

Attracting Europe’s Elite

Profiling viewers of euronews reveals that they tend to be men (73%), with high salaries averaging at € 56,000 per year and liquid stock investments. They occupy higher strata of management, frequently make business decisions and are regarded as opinion leaders. Their positions at work demand high-frequency business travel - our viewers take on average 10 business air trips each year.

Viewing habits

euronews enjoys distinct peaks in audience during morning and evening day parts, along with a higher volume of audience at the weekends.

euronews’ investment in people meters enables advertisers to target audiences accurately resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness. It also allows the editorial team to create a schedule that meets viewers’ needs and consumption habits; such attention to detail ensures euronews maintains a loyal audience.

When do they watch euronews?

euronews audience curve by 15’
Adults-Index 100 = average audience 06.00-06.00

Eureka - Forecast audience - full 2008

Telmar Peaktime supplies optimisation software for media planning and yield management, as well as consultancy services to 4,000 users across 30 countries.

Sources: Synovate - EMS + C-EMS Summer 2008 - universe: top 20% of households by income in 20 European countries.

Profile based on daily reach - Eureka, European modelling based on people meters is designed by Peaktime.

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