Features on Slaw

In addition to regular, informative posts, Slaw offers a number of interesting features.

The Column presents a different columnist every week holding forth on a topic that lies at the boundary of our (admittedly wide) circle of interest. So while our other contributors post about some intersection or other of legal information and legal technology, often with an eye to research, The Column treats such topics as knowledge management, the marketing of law firms on the web, or librarianship pure and simple.

In a short while you’ll be able to see the roster of columnists and their areas of expertise set out for you here.

SlawNet is a name for all of the law-related blogs published by people who contribute to Slaw. At the moment there are:

If they’re not on your regular reading list, they should be. You can sample them in the SlawNET feature in the sidebar of this site.

Docs du Jour aren’t always daily. But when a doc du jour is available, it will be a link at the top of the sidebar to some text or document that is making legal news that day. It’s our way of helping you stay current and taking the bother out of doing the research yourself.

Theme Weeks are those rare and exciting occasions when we devote all of our efforts to focus on a particular topic. Thus far, we have had theme weeks on copyright and on grey lit. Our next theme week will be announced on Slaw well in advance, to give you time to collect your thoughts and get them ready to send us as posts and comments.