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Andrew Dismore MP (Dods image copyright)

Andrew Dismore MP

Joint Committee on Human Rights

The Joint Committee on Human Rights, chaired by Andrew Dismore MP, consists of twelve members appointed from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The Committee is charged with considering human rights issues in the UK but cannot take up individual cases.

The Committee undertakes inquiries on human rights issues and reports its findings and recommendations to the House. It scrutinises all Government Bills and picks out those with significant human rights implications for further examination.

The Committee also looks at Government action to deal with judgments of the UK courts and the European Court of Human Rights where breaches of human rights have been found. As part of this work, the Committee looks at Remedial Orders, the legislative mechanism that allows legislation to be amended in response to these judgments.

If you would like further information regarding the Committee's inquiries, which it is currently undertaking please click on the link below 'Current inquiries'.

If you would like further information regarding the Committee's scrutiny of Bills please click on the link below 'Legislative Scrutiny'.

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What's new

Policing and Protest
The Committee took oral evidence from several organisations on 21 October 2008. An uncorrected transcript is available.

Human Rights Judgments
The Committee published its 31st Report of 2007-08, Monitoring the Government's Response to Human Rights Judgments: Annual Report 2008, on Friday 31 October 2008

Human Trafficking
The Committee has published correspondence with the Home Office about the Pentameter 2 police operation against human trafficking, and the progress being made towards ratification of the Council of Europe Convention on human trafficking.   The correspondence can be seen here and here. See also Press Notice 57.

Rights of People with Disabilities
The Committee will hear oral evidence from Mr Jonathan Shaw MP,  newly appointed Minister for Disabled People, on Tuesday 18 November, and invites written submissions by 3 November: see Press Notice 55.  Correspondence between the Committee and Mr Shaw's predecessor can be found here and here.

The Draft Legislative Programme: JCHR priorities for 2008-09: Call for evidence
The Committee sets out its priorities for legislative scrutiny in the next Parliamentary session, and invites written submissions by 31 October 2008, in Press Notice 51.

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