November 12, 2008 2:06 am

Hey hey hey! Welcome to my website. I originally purchased this domain in 2001 just so I could get a steady email address (amrozi at amrozi dot net) and eliminate all those "free" accounts (,,,, the list goes on an on). I did eventually eliminate all of those accounts, but in 2004 I discovered gMail. I have basically stopped using the email because it is 101% spam, but I didn't really want to release this domain.

I finally decided it was time to update the content on here, since the last update was in 2005. All the pages have been updated to .php to make it easier for me to update (that doesn't mean that I will, just makes it easier).

So far I have a snazzy new Links page, and have incorporated my LiveJournal into my website, some random blogs from some random friends, and a taste of music sequenced by South of France.

I may eventually install my own blog here, but I hardly update it anyways, in between work, getting my degree, and all the side projects that I'm working on, but really, yeah, more content... sometime...

The latest CD from South of France: Ragtime Christmas.

Download or order yours today!


Amrozi is Green!

I have chosen DreamHost as my web host, as they are certified by Green-e which insures that the power they use is generated in an ecofriendly manner. Over the years DreamHost has taken many steps to become a proud carbon-neutral hosting company. I am proud to be green!

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