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PA Indoctrination of Children to Seek
Heroic Death for Allah - Shahada

The indoctrination of Palestinian children to seek death for Allah (Shahada) has been PA policy since the start of the war in October 2000, the most prominent means being the indoctrination via music videos.

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Four-year-old girl vows to be suicide terrorist
in Hamas TV dramatization - March 21, 2007

Hamas TV broadcast a video dramatization of the four-year-old daughter of female suicide bomber Reem Riyashi singing to her dead mother and vowing to follow in her footsteps. The video clip ends as the little girl picks up sticks of explosives from her mother's drawer.

Al-Dura Calls Children to Follow him to Paradise - Clip [June 28 -29, 2006]

Through a child actor, this music video portrays the delightful Paradise of Muhammad Al-Dura, whose death in a crossfire was broadcast on TV. He is portrayed flying a kite, frolicking on the beach and even at an amusement park. The clip opens with the invitation to other children from Al-Dura: "I am waving to you not in parting, but to say 'follow me'."

Young Children Convinced of Death as a Shahid as Ideal

Two 11-year-old girls articulate their personal goal to become shahids [people who die for Allah], explaining that "all Palestinian children" see Shahada [death for Allah] - because of its promised grand Afterlife - as more worthwhile than living.

Farewell Letter Music Video

A young boy leaves a farewell letter to his parents and goes off to seek Shahada [death for Allah], describing the death he aspires as "sweet." This PA indoctrination clip is designed to offset a child's natural fear of death, by depicting Shahada as heroic and tranquil.
[PA TV, hundreds of times 2001 - 2004]

Head of Palestinian children's org: "We Teach Children Shahada"

In English, PA leaders have denied that they encourage their children to aspire to Shahada [death for Allah]. However in Arabic, the PA continues to express pride in educating children to aspire to Shahada, portraying it as a national achievement. The Director of the Palestinian Children's Aid Association candidly reiterated this PA educational policy, on PA TV.

Yasser Arafat's Message to Children: "Be a Shahid"

Arafat explains that dead Palestinian children are "the greatest message to the world."

Palestinian Journalist to 7-year-olds: "Don't be afraid to die"

A Palestinian journalist asked a second grade child if he feared death. When the child hesitated, the journalist shook her head to signal that the correct answer was "no," even for 7-year-olds.


PA TV "Historical" series: Year 1956: 12-year-old boy reads essay he wrote

A fictional show on Palestinian Authority Television reinforced the message to children that violence is the best way to resolve conflict, and that Shahada [death for Allah] is a goal to be pursued.

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