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The Real Ghostbusters - Small Date Change for Time Life's Complete Series Set is Made Up by FedEx Shipping

Offer applies to customer who have pre-ordered the 25-disc collectible release

Posted by David Lambert
We've said it multiple times (most recently here): despite some confusion, Time Life's expected ship date for their exclusive online release of The Real Ghostbusters - The Complete Series would be November 15th, and we would pass it along if there was an official change.

Well, now a last-minute change has come along...but Time Life is going to make it up to customers with a faster shipping method! Instead of the 25-DVD package shipping on the 15th via USPS (which could easily have taken up to a couple of weeks to arrive at your door), Time Life will send them out on November 25th via FedEx's Express service!

Here is the official Time Life e-mail which went out this morning, and which our contacts at the studio confirm is 100% accurate (unlike some previous communications regarding delays for this particular release). We've had a huge number of our readers sending this to us in just a short time since they went out, so our thanks to all of you for making sure we had seen it:

    Dear Fellow Ghostbusters Fan!

    Some might say we went a little overboard when we put together The Real Ghostbusters complete collection. We couldn't help ourselves! This series deserved all the bells and whistles.

    In response to fantastic feedback, we've created a deluxe firehouse collector's box with lenticular (hologram) panels on the front and sides. Inside this box are 5 separate steel book cases containing a total of 25 DVDs with every episode from The Real Ghostbusters and Slimer! And The Real Ghostbusters series. The 25th DVD is a special bonus disc with nearly 3 hours of materials, including the never-before-seen promotional pilot with commentary and storyboards! All in all, there will be over 12 hours of bonus material!

    Unfortunately, all these extra features, many of which weren't included in our initial release plan, have lengthened the production time for this set, originally scheduled to ship out on November 15. But, because of all the added features, we will not have completed sets to ship out until November 25.

    We know this will come as a disappointment to many, so we have decided to provide all of our pre-order customers with FREE FedEx Express shipping. Our standard shipping time is 2 weeks, so you will still get your set in the same timeframe (probably sooner)!

    When you see all the fantastic features this collection has to offer, we're sure you'll agree it was worth the wait. So charge up your proton packs...The Real Ghostbusters is almost here!


    A. Davis
    Time Life, Customer Care Manager

    P.S. The credit or debit card you used to pre-order this set will be charged the week of November 25 when we package your collection to ship.

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