ISC Launches DLV registry to kick off worldwide DNSSEC deployment

Redwood City, CA - March 27, 2006 Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) today announced the launch of the ISC DLV (DNSSEC Look-aside Validation) registry. ISC, working with accredited ICANN domain name registrars such as TUCOWS, is making available to the world a mechanism to allow domain holders to secure their domain information using the DNSSEC protocol extension to DNS in advance of a signed root or TLD zone.

ISC's DLV registry will increase the Internet's security by enabling domain holders to add cryptographic proof of authenticity to their DNS information, providing additional security and guarantees for customers visiting their websites or exchanging emails.

Paul Vixie, president of ISC, said "DLV is a technology initiative meant to enable DNSSEC deployment. Put simply, if the root isn't signed and TLDs are not signed, the IETF DNSSEC specification offers no way to start wide scale deployment. DLV, developed outside the IETF, offers such a way."

Support for DLV is built into the most current releases of BIND, a freely available reference implementation of the DNS standards used by the vast majority of nameservers in the Internet. BIND is produced and published as open source by ISC and shipped with several operating systems. Support for BIND development is provided via ISC's BIND Forum and direct sponsorship.

About ISC
Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3), public benefit corporation with a long history of developing and maintaining the production quality Open Source software -- BIND and DHCP. ISC has increased its focus to include enhancing the stability of the global DNS directly through reliable F-root nameserver operations and ongoing operation of a DNS crisis coordination center, ISC's OARC for DNS. ISC is also engaged with further protocol development efforts, particularly in the areas of DNS evolution and facilitating the transition to IPv6. ISC is supported by the donations of generous sponsors, program membership fees and specific fees for services. For program or donation information, please visit our website at