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HTML5: Make <iframe>s not inherit the cache of their parent.
HTML5: location.resolveURL() for resolving relative URLs (for sending to worker...
HTML5: Correct rules for when you can omit </body> and </html>. (credit: dw)
HTML5: WF2: <input placeholder=''>
HTML5: Specify how frequently the timeupdate event should fire.
HTML5: Define pixelratio='' for values <= 0.
HTML5: Remove bufferedBytes and totalBytes.
HTML5: Make <source type> optional. Move canPlayType from navigator to HTMLMedi...
HTML5: Revamp the load() algorithm so that it tries each possible file in turn.
HTML5: Replace all the looping mechanisms with a single loop attribute. Allow t...
Workers: Remove startConversation() for now, as it is distracting in the worker discussions. May return in some form...
HTML5: Remove startConversation() for now, as it is distracting in the worker d...
Workers: Add the ability to create workers from workers. (credit: dt)
Workers: Add setTimeout() to workers. (credit: dt)
Workers: Define self.navigator for workers
Workers: Make importScripts() fire SyntaxError on error; and minor editorial mistakes.
Workers: Rename Worker.close() to Worker.terminate().
hixie is a funny guy
HTML5: fix IDL for new Option()
The Road to HTML 5: getElementsByClassName()