A Call to Read and Write Stories

Welcome. I am very pleased to have the opportunity to share the work with which I have been engaged for the past 4 years - listening to and recording the stories of 57 men and women affected by the Vietnam War Draft. These folks have confided their experiences, their memories of how they felt, thought and acted and the effects that these have had on their subsequent lives.

It is my fervent hope that these stories will inspire you with their honesty, their intimacy and their vivid evocation of the times - the ’60’s and early ’70’s - against which they played out. It is my further hope that some of you who visit will be encouraged to add your own story to those from the book that appear on this blog. There are countless others of you who have undergone your own version of this experience whose stories will deepen our awareness of the effects of such a draft during such a war. Having this opportunity along with being able to receive feedback for your words will hopefully encourage you to tell your story.

I also want to let you know that I will be writing posts. You can access them from the sidebar. I am eager to hear your reactions and your thoughts about these and other related topics. The Vietnam War is over, but its reverbations continue and my book has only served to reinforce this notion. The current War in Iraq is serving to remind us that we are not finished dealing with the mentality that leads us into such wars.  I will be addressing issues that are common to the two wars in the posts - hence the blog’s title.  Whether it be the lies that got us immersed in this horrific conflict, the recruitment of soldiers including the “back door draft”, the misconduct of the war, the tragedy of the suffering Iraqis, the mistreatment of veterans, etc…,the parallels between Vietnam and Iraq as well as the dissimilarities will be examined and I welcome and encourage your responses.  It is abundantly clear that we have not learned the lessons of the past.  It is our responsibility as free-thinking, compassionate and attentive citizens to call attention to the disastrous policies and actions of the American government and to let the world know that they are not done in our names.

Finally, I will be offering a variety of references - films, books, poetry, articles, interviews, photographs - that provide background, commentary, perspective and knowledge about the Vietnam and Iraq Wars.  It is my hope that through increased awareness provided by a wide variety of sources, a greater need and desire to speak out will take hold…

~ Tom Weiner

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