Roland's Rabble Show 1 - Flock, Web 2.0 Backlash, BitTorrent

Submitted by Roland Tanglao on Wed, 2005-11-02 15:52.
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  • Song Name: Roland's Rabble - Show 1 - 28-oct-2005
  • Artist: Roland Tanglao, Michael Tippett, Susannah Gardner, Will Pate
  • Album: Roland's Rabble Show 1 - Flock, Web 2.0, BitTorrent
  • Year: 2005

Welcome to Roland's Rabble, my new show loosely about Web 2.0 with four Vancouver based regulars: Michael Tippett of Now Public, Susannah Gardner, author and designer from Hop Studios, Will Pate of Raincity Studios and Alex Samuel of Social Signal (who couldn't make it this week)

18 MB MP3 (39 minutes and 34 seconds, RSS Feed for this podcast) - Recorded October 28, 2005

Got an idea or a person who should be on this show? Email me roland AT or call me at 604 729 7924

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