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Over $450,000 in Baltimore Community Fellowships Awarded to Eight City Residents to Work with Underserved Groups
Press Release
November 10, 2008
Projects include promoting Native American awareness, a womenís empowerment center, advocacy for transgender people, fitness training for at-risk youth, and outreach to women with HIV/AIDS.  more

OSI Forum: Human Rights and Civil Society in Uzbekistan
OSI-New York
November 3, 2008
The Open Society Institute presented a discussion on human rights and civil society in Uzbekistan with journalist and activist Umida Niazova.  more

OSI Forum: China Ink—The Changing Face of Chinese Journalism
OSI-New York
October 23, 2008
This OSI-hosted conversation with co-author Judy Polumbaum looked at changes in contemporary China through the compelling personal accounts of young Chinese reporters and editors.  more

OSI Forum: The U.S. Economic Downturn
OSI-New York
October 20, 2008
This OSI webcast provides a snapshot of the roots of the downturn, the nuances of quick-fix policy solutions, and whether the institutions whose policies created the economic mess are now designing its solution.  more

OSI Investment in After-School Programs Led to Dramatic Public Spending Increase, Study Finds
October 14, 2008
In the decade since OSI set out to help New York City institutionalize after-school programs as dependable resources for kids and families, every level of government has dramatically increased funding for daily, comprehensive after-school programs. more

OSI Stories: Opening the Books on Natural Resource Revenues
October 10, 2008
Local activists have benefited significantly from support provided by OSI and the Revenue Watch Institute, which leads efforts to promote transparency and accountability in resource-rich countries. more

Open Society Institute Awards Millions to Expand Drug and Alcohol Treatment
Press Release
October 7, 2008
OSI announces the selection of eight grantee organizations working to increase the availability of resources for the delivery of high-quality treatment for drug and alcohol addiction for all who need it.  more

OSI Forum: A Life in Transition
OSI-New York
September 30, 2008
OSI presented a conversation with Alex Boraine, author of A Life in Transition, an insider's account of important institutions and events in South African history.  more

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The Baltic-American Partnership Fund: Ten Years of Grantmaking to Strengthen Civil Society in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
November 2008
To mark the conclusion of the OSI-supported Baltic-American Partnership Fund, this publication examines the major achievements of the fund, its partners, and grantees. more

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Shadows and Light: Oil, Power, and the Niger Delta
September 2008
In this multimedia piece by OSI and the Revenue Watch Institute, a photographer and activist describe the struggles of Niger Delta citizens and the dire need for fair and responsible revenue management.  more

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OSI Forum: New Media in Authoritarian Societies
OSI-New York
November 21, 2008
John Kelly, founder of Morningside Analytics, will discuss the emerging networked public sphere and present his maps of online social networks in Iran, Egypt, Russia, and China, at this Open Society Fellowship panel.  more

Witness: Photographers, Journalists, and Social Workers Respond to Tragedy
New York City
December 3, 2008
This panel discussion cosponsored by OSI will explore ways to strengthen the impact of documentary practice, sharing knowledge and practices of inclusion across disciplines.  more

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George Soros
Founder and chairman of the Open Society Institute and Soros foundations network.  more

OSI Statement on George Sorosís Political Activities

OSI Statement on Fraudulent Email

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