Modifying/repairing the PXL 2000

Modifying/repairing the PXL 2000

+ Why?
+ Taking out the blue square
+ Installing the video out
+ Installing the audio out
+ Replacing the belts
+ Turning off the beeping


Because when I bought a PXL 2000 on Ebay it wasn't working well out of the box. I found a handful of PXL pages on the web and a few of them were very informative. I got a good start repairing my camera from these sites and I wanted to consolidate as much information for others who were interested in working on their cameras. If you have a rudimentary knowledge of soldering and are patient you don't have to pay someone big bucks to make simple repairs to your camera. Here are some of the steps I took to improve my PXL from unusable to like new in a few afternoons:

Taking out the blue square

Ah the infamous blue square. I'd read about this little devil on other PXL 2000 websites and I didn't know what they were talking about until I got my camera and the picture was awful. The first thing I did was to unscrew the camera and look at the lens piece. The lens is fixed to a small printed circuit board and you don't need to unscrew it from the board. You will see two small plastic pieces that look like they're screwed together with a dab of glue on the side. Carefully using a razor blade, break the seal of glue and gently unscrew the pieces from eachother. The piece that comes off in your hand will have 2 pieces that snap together. Separate them carefully and the little blue square will fall out. I put mine in a small bowl for safekeeping. Rather than clean it, I reassembled the pieces without the blue square.

When I plugged the camera back in the picture was perfect, or at least what you'd expect from a PXL. I don't think I'll put the blue square back in, I haven't found any information that said what it was for - I'm guessing it was a filter of some sort for the CCD, or maybe just a protective film to keep any dirt off the CCD?

Installing the video out

This was a necessary modification, mainly because the RF filter that came with my camera was a POS (read: it sucked). The image on the TV was filled with static and a connection inside the RF filter box was loose (I later fixed this but it didn't improve the picture at all).

Rather than repeat the information, there is a fantastic resource for installing a video out jack HERE by Joe Moore. After following his directions I plugged it straight into my TV and the picture was beautiful. No static, no haze, just clear Pixel Vision! I also didn't need an inline amplifier, I have heard that some people use an inline amplifier to boost the signal to a TV or VCR. My TV saw the signal fine, but yours might not. Still, it's worth doing the modification first and finding out if you need a signal boost later. The RF filter that comes with the PXL is useless, this modification is absolutely essential in my opinion.