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unseasonably warm


I can't write 'unseasonably warm weather' without laughing. Years ago Simon uttered this phrase in all seriousness - yet it was so completely out of keeping with his usual verbal style. No doubt he'd read it in a book once (another of his favourite sayings for which he used to be teased mercilessly by his friends because he used to find all his nuggets of useless knowledge in recondite books) or read it in a newspaper. But it sounded such an old phrase for a young man to say that I couldn't help creasing up. So now we use 'unseasonably' very, very ironically. And to make each other laugh.

But the fact of the matter is that it's been very hot here for a few days now, and yet I'm still knitting socks. It turns out, though, that socks are the perfect things to knit in the heat. They don't cover you up and made you swelter, there's a nice flow of air around the dpns, your hands don't have to hold thick, woolly pieces which make them overheat and, if you are knitting ultra-simple socks, you can drink chilled white wine as you go along without the worry of losing the plot or spoiling your stripes.

I see the yarns for some forthcoming socks are pretty hot, too. Irene who is a very valued friend has given me two skeins of the most amazing sock yarn - 'Cherry Blossoms' (second from bottom) t