Manifesto for the Conservation of the Tanoé Swamps Forest



Since the launching of our international campaign on May 15th for the conservation of the Tanoe forest and its unique primate fauna, we have received more than the expected support from thousands of peoples and several conservation associations throughout the world. Your priceless support consisted in signing our manifesto, advertising for it, sharing ideas with us, providing photos, taking some initiatives etc.

Our goal of 10 000 signatures was reached only 3 weeks after the launching of the campaign and there are still many people signing the manifesto.

Thank you for your support - a first step has been done, more have to follow.

The Tanoe-Forest will be a save haven for the most endangered primates of West Africa for sure. After the massive protests over the plans to convert this unique forest into a palm oil plantation an agreement has been reached. PALMCI and UNILEVER one of their key shareholders agreed that no single tree will be felled until an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) validates the plans of the company. UNILEVER has further expressed that they will take care that the EIA will be done properly and that they will also follow the guidelines of RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil - see also For those naturalists knowing the forest the situation is clear: Regarding the extremely high value of Tanoe-Forest the EIA and the application of the RSPO criteria can only lead to the conclusion that the entire Tanoe-Forest must stay as it is: A refuge for one of the very last populations of Roloway Guenons and white-naped Mangabey and maybe the only place on earth where Miss Waldron’s Red Colobus has survived.

We will monitor the activities in Tanoe carefully and intensify our contacts to the government of Cote d’Ivoire to get legal protection for Tanoe Forest. We will also share information with the United Nations’ Environmental Program (UNEP).

Also a great number of the peoples living around Tanoe-Forest have expressed their opposition against the destruction of this forest. As long as many thousand eyes watch over Tanoe there is a good chance to save it. Please, if you have not signed the manifesto yet, help us on this by signing it and make this project well known among your family, friends, colleagues, politicians etc. We will give new information on the website as soon as new development takes place.