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IPW:UK - Fourth Anniversary Tour - Bromley

Venue: The Great Hall, Bromley Civic Centre, Bromley, Kent
Referees: Chris Hatch, Andy Quildan & Tommy Stevens
Master of Ceremonies: 'Hardcore' John Atkins
Commentators: 'The Twisted Genius' Dean Ayass & Dave Bradshaw


Match 1 - Singles Match: 'The Bad Boy of British Wrestling' Jon Ryan defeated Tony 'Superstar' Sefton in a rare one-off appearance via pinfall in 6.21.

Match 2 - Tag Team Match: The Iron Lions (Simmonz & Tighe) defeated The Leaders of the New School (Scurll/Sabre) via pinfall in 14.49 after a Doomsday Device.

Match 3 - Six-Man Tag: The Firm (Kincaide, Samuels, Frazier) defeated The Thrillers (Hype, Redman, Haskins) via pinfall after a spear from Kincaide in 14.43.


Match 4 - British National Championship (Final) 3rd Round Match: 'The Vigilante' Johnny Moss defeated 'The Anarchist' Doug Williams via cracle pinfall in 17.10 to advance to the Quarter Finals of the British National Championship Tournament.

Match 5 - Grudge Match: 'Sadistic' Jack Storm defeated JC Thunder via stoppage in 7.26. Towards the end of the bout, Storm caught Thunder in the tamble with a big boot, resulting in Thunder falling to the floor out cold. Storm then leathered in multiple punches to a completely out cold Thunder, before the referee stopped the bout just as it was hotting up.

Match 6 - Main Event - IPW:UK Title, "All Thrillers At Ringside" Match: 'Irresistible' Iestyn Rees (w/ 'Gentleman' Gilligan Gordon as the guest commentator, Joel Redman as guest ring enforcer, Mark Haskins as guest MC and Ricky Hype as guest time keeper) defeated 'The Guvnor' Martin Stone after interference from all of The Thrillers and a returning to wrestling 'Showstealer' Alex Shane, via pinfall in 23.21 to become the 7th IPW:UK Champion!