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Reflections: Russian Photographs 1992 2002 in the USA

The Moscow Times’ photographers covered not only the major news stories of the 1990s. But the photographs also catch special, timeless moments in the life of Russia: ice fishing in winter; the spring breakup of the frozen Moscow River; young soldiers celebrating on leave; and the discovery of a long-forgotten graveyard during construction of a new downtown shopping plaza. Together, the images help tell the story of a nation undergoing radical transformation on many levels.

The digital prints of photographs in this exhibition have been selected from those published in Reflections: A Decade of Photographs, 1992-2002 (Moscow: the Moscow Times, 2002). They are part of a larger group of pictures that have been generously donated to the Library of Congress by the Moscow Times.

The Crisis: Electricity Providers Face Bankruptcy
Electricity suppliers across the country are cracking down as the number of delinquent private and corporate customers surges, as the dilapidated industry is mired in debt linked to unpaid consumer bills and the multibillion-dollar investment programs that investors signed onto during the privatization of Unified Energy System, which wrapped up just weeks before the financial crisis struck.

Market Matters: Uralkali Stock Stares Into A Chasm
Catching both the market and the potash producer by surprise, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin reopened a 2006 investigation into the flooding of a Uralkali mine, sending the company's shares down 75 percent in London in the three trading days after the announcement.

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Model Killed in Battle With Carjacker

31 January 2008By David Nowak / Staff WriterInvestigators are looking for a suspect in the death of a model who was killed while trying to prevent her Porsche Cayenne from being carjacked, city prosecutors said Wednesday.

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31 January 2008
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