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Artists' homes in Denmark, where you are invited in

Several places in Denmark, there are lovely artists' homes which are open to the public. They provide a fantastic insight into the artists' lives and world while giving you an opportunity to see their works in a different and more personal way than when visiting museums.

Skagen in Nordjylland is home to the artist couple Michael and Anna Ancher's lovely artists' home. They belonged to the community of Nordic painters known as the Skagen painters.

Anna and Michael Ancher purchased the long, low house in 1884 and built with the large studio annex in 1913. Their daughter, the painter Helga Ancher, left the house and interior to a foundation, and in 1967, the famous artists' home opened as a museum.

The museum has preserved the atmosphere from back then in the best way possible, and everywhere in the beautiful room the couple's paintings are on display. The adjoining house, Saxilds Gaard (Saxild's farmhouse), is now an extension to the museum. Here, mostly sketches and preliminary works to Michael and Anna Ancher's paintings as well as Helga Ancher's own works are on display.
The seascape painter and author Holger Drachmann's house, Pax, is situated, like the Anchers' house, in Skagen in the northern part of Jutland. Drachmann visited Skagen as early as 1972, but not until 1902 did he settle down in the town where he refurbished his beautiful timber framing house to an artist's home with a studio.

Drachmann died in 1908, and already in 1911, Pax was opened to the public under the name of Drachmann's House. It still stands with pretty much all the furnishings, paintings and sketches from when Holger Drachmann lived in the house, and thereby, the visitor gets a great view of the artist's life and production.
The artist's home Johannes Larsen Museum is situated in Kerteminde on the northern part of Funen. The house was built by the painter Johannes Larsen who moved in with his family in 1901. In 1986, the house was redecorated to become a museum and the beautiful living rooms and the studio are now left as it was back then. Later on, further exhibition buildings have been added to the park surrounding the house.

Johannes Larsen belonged to the Funen School of painters (called "Fynboerne" in Danish). The museum has a large collection of his own paintings and drawings but many other painters are on display in the permanent collection; among others his wife Ahled Larsen, the sister Christine Swane and his friend Fritz Syberg.

In the beautiful park is the family's original home, where you can now bring your packed lunch, moreover, you can visit the old windmill, Svanemøllen, which Johannes Larsen also owned. 
The artist family Swane's home Malergården (the painter's farmhouse) is situated in Plejerup in Odsherred and opened partly as a museum in 2005. Agnete and Sigurd Swane built the place in 1934 and a family member still lives in the east wing.

The beautifully restored living rooms with the family's furniture and Sigurd Swane's (1879-1973) modernist paintings are almost all left unaltered from the 1930s to today. The museum is still under restoration, but there is also access to gates and the large and lush garden. 
Olaf Høst is Bornholm's great painter. In 1998, he was awarded his own art museum which is housed in the family's home Norresán just north of Gudhjem on the island of Bornholm. Olaf Høst lived here until his death in 1966.

Norresán is a beautiful and ideal frame for Olaf Høst's paintings, sketches and drawings. In the large rocky garden with patios and steep rocky walls the painter's summer studio is situated so that it overlooks Gudhjem. There is also a smaller studio and a playhouse in the garden. 
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